Chapter 7

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It has been a month since I have been with the boys.

I like living with them and all but it would be nice to have a friend

One that I can have sleepovers with, talk about boys and other girl talk.

It's been kinda Linley with them back on tour, I travel with them but they are always at photo shoots or interviews so it is hard.

But it gives me a lot of time to myself which I like.

Today Niall and Harry are taking me to the mall to get new clothes before we go to Australia!

As we walk out of the house we are instantly mobbed by their fans

I've somewhat gotten used to it by its still kind of scary

Plus some of the fans are vicious they find anything they can to make me feel bad about myself, and there is a lot of reasons for me to feel bad about myself

Even though I try, I try so hard to be skinny and I starve myself, even if I do make myself eat I just end up convincing myself to puke it up anyways.

Liam took me to the doctor the other day because he says that maybe I will start eating if I hear it from a professional

The doctor told me I am a pound off being anorexic but when I look I the mirror that is not what I see at all

Anyways first Me, Niall, and Harry walk into billabong to get a new swim suit I try on a couple if bikinis but they don't really look good on me but Harry convinces me to get a navy blue/ white stripped bikini he say it matches my skin tone or something like that

Then we go to Abercrombie, Hollister, Roots, American apparel, lulu lemon, TNA, burton etc..

Then we decided to go to the food court Niall made me eat subway, while he had pretty much everything from McDonalds and Harry had Burger King

Harry's P.O.V

As we were eating I suddenly had a great idea!

If Alex had a friend she could just come to the mall with her friends instead of us, she would probably like being with a girl doing girl things than with guys doing girl things

So I decided we should enrol her in a school! She could meet so many new friends!

"Alex how would you feel about going to school" I announced

"Um.. well... I don't know maybe"

"That's a great idea Harry! You have to Alex it would be so much fun an besides we are in Australia for 4 months that's enough time for 1 semester"! Niall said excitedly

Ok this is so going to have to happen


Great Harry just had a "amazing" idea I me going back to school!

I'm sooo excited! note the sarcasm

But I can't let them down they would be so sad if I didn't give I a chance

What am I going to do.


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