Chapter 10

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I immediately felt like a whole bunch if emotions run through me

Nerves,butterflies, i was shocked and also the worst part I knew I was blushing. Big time

I sat down 2 rows in front if him trying to act natural

There were only about 6 people in the class the teacher hasn't showed up yet, we were early

I saw him get up. he was walking towards me. oh god. oh god what do I do!!

The really cute guy sat next to me

"Hey you must be the new kid"

"Yup that must be me"

"You got a name"

"My name is Alex"

"Do u have a last name?"

"Oh um Horan" I liked the sound of that

"Well Alex Horan let me introduce my self-"

"Take your seats everyone" he was interrupted by the teacher rudely barging in to everyone's conversations

The boy got up

"I guess I will get to talk to you later and finish our little conversation" he said with a wink

Ok I was big time blushing

After first period dragged on and on it finally ended on our way out the door to our next class the boy came up to me and said

"Meet me by the gym doors I can take you out for some lunch so we can finish our little talk"

"Um sure"

I was so nervous this guy was so cute but I knew I had to play it cool

Finally lunch came I went to the gym doors like I promised and I saw him there just like he promised

"Shall we" he said escorting me to the exit

"How long do we have before 3rd period starts?" I asked trying not to sound like a goody two shoes making sure I wouldn't miss any school I failed I totally sounded like that

"Don't worry we've got just over an hour"

We walked down the street to a little bistro

It was so cute!

When we got our seat I couldn't stand it anymore I needed to know who this boy was

"Your probably wondering who I am"

"Ya maybe just a little information would be nice"

"Well my name is Jake"

We talked and are for about half an hour when bunch of guys our age burst into the bistro

"Jake dude! You've gotta come see this!"

"Does it have to be now!" Jake exclaimed


"It's fine I have to go get some stuff done anyway"

"You sure"

"Ya ill talk to you later"

"Ok" he was walking out the door when I noticed he didn't give me his last name

"Hey do you have a last name?"

"You'll find that out on our next date"

This was a date? oh my god do I have a boyfriend? I hope so

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