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The boys and I wait anxiously for an answer as Simon runs the idea through his head

"Adopt? You boys really think you can handle a child? You can barley take care of yourselves let alone a child!" Simon explains

" I know it sounds crazy but I think it would be good to show everyone how caring we are after all the bad publicity we have gotten in past two weeks" Louis says

" it is a crazy idea!" Simon states, we all hang our heads down in disappointment

" but if you boys think you can handle it then I will call a limo to bring you to the nearest orphanage"

Me and the boys practically jump from our seats and cheer and attack Simon in a group hug

" but if I see one bad publicity stunt from this them the child will be going back"

" we won't let you down Simon we promise!"Harry states

The limo arrives and we head to the orphanage



images flash through my head as I toss and turn in my bed


"What do you want with me!" Five year old me yells at the strange man in my kitchen

"Where are your parents"

" WHO ARE YOU!" I yell at the top of my lungs while balling my eyes out


"Sweetie are you ok what's going on down there!?" My parents yell from upstairs, no this man has a gun! Something's not right! He wants to hurt my parents!

"Mommy daddy run away!" I yell "run away before he hurts you!"

The man pushes me away and heads for the stair case

" Alex what are you talking abou- "

My parents yells of concern are cut of by two bullets, after that there is silence I hear a loud thump drop to the floor, my parents are gone I know it.

The man comes downstairs and sees me standing in the kitchen with my eyes full of tears

He points the gun at me but before he can pull the trigger there's a knock on the front door, it's the police,

The man looks me In the eyes and says with a cold dead voice, " you saw nothing."

He ran out the back door while the police barge through the front

I'm glued to my spot in fear, sadness, confusion, and to many more mixed feelings

My parents are gone. I'm all alone



A/N: this is my first time doing a fan fic so I hope you guys like it!

Keep reading to get to know Alex and how one direction know she's the one to adopt!

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I'm Alex, I have long bright pink hair I am 14 years old and my real name is Alexandra, my parents were murdered when I was five, the police have tried for the past 9 years to get me to talk about the night my parents were murdered but they gave up. That man had told me not to remember but that is hard considering I have a photographic memory, but I chose not to talk because I'd I did I would be in danger

If I told who he was to the police, he would get furious, I'm better off not getting on the bad side of a murderer, that is if I haven't already.

I woke up from my horrible nightmare by a knock on my door

" come in" I said

In came Ms. Amy the "mother" of us orphans

I liked her, she was the only one who actually was nice to me and loved me, she really was like my mother

" hey Sweetie, there are adopters here they are looking for girls around your age so get ready as fast as you can!"

"Ok thanks Ms. Amy"

When she closed my door I went to m closet sand put on dark blue jeans with my favourite teal tank top, it matched my bright pink hair nicely I thought. And I put my hair into a side fishtail braid.

I opened my bedroom door to find the hallway filled with little kids screaming and running down stairs in hopes to finally be adopted I stepped into the hallway and was almost downstairs when I realized I forgot to brush my teeth, and how are you gonna get adopted with stinky breath so I went back upstairs and by then the hallway was empty


As we walked into the orphanage there were so many cute screaming little kids, this was gonna be hard, I thought to my self.

The boys and I walked up to the lady sitting at the front desk,

"we're here to adopt" I said excitedly

"What is your age range" the nice lady said

The boys and I looked at each other and just shrugged we really just wanted a great kid, young enough to need someone to take care of them and old enough to not need someone with them every second of the day because that would be to much for us

So I turned to the lady and said " 12-15 girls would be nice"

She turned to face all the children and said "ok 12-15 girls stay and everyone else may go back to their rooms

There were some "aw mans" and dang it's" but for the girls that go to stay they were clapping and high fiveing each other


There was kids already coming upstairs and I heard clapping and cheering from girls down stairs so I guess i missed it, the people already chose someone and it wasn't me so I grabbed my guitar and played an Ed Sheeran song that always made me feel better, I learned to play guitar and sing to express my feeling like frustration,sadness,or madness instead of cutting and it worked pretty good

I started the song and halfway h
Through I was interrupted by a knock at my door


We looked through papers and papers of girls that we could adopt but none of them seemed to grab our attention.

When we were done and about to give up the lady at the front desk asked on of the girls a question

"Wait a second, where's Alex?"

"Who's Alex I asked"

"She's 14 and she's supposed to be down here I will go see If she's in her room"

I looked over at Niall to see his expression drastically change from sad to extremely happy he wanted to find a daughter so bad today and now there was hope he could. He couldn't help bit follow the lady to meet this girl and we all followed


I'm so excited to meet this last girl!! As we approached the door I herd beautiful guitar playing Ed Sheeran and along with that a beautiful voice,
I already new she was the one.

I knocked on the door but I was so excited that I just barged into the room and as soon as I saw her I yelled at the t of my lungs "ITS HER! I WANT TO ADOPT HER!" He beautiful voice flaming pink hair and just her made it seem like I've known her my whole life and I know that now I'm going to have a daughter


Wht had just happened? I was so confused all I could get out was " who are you"

But I knew who they were they were one direction!

I asked what was going on and Ms.Amy said they were adopting me!

I didn't argue that's for sure! Niall introduced themselves, like I didn't already know who they were!

I introduced my self after that " my name is Alexandra but I don't like that name so call me Alex"

"Ok Alexa well first of all I love your hair and second of all well there is no second of all... Just pack and make sure to remember your guitar your an amazing musician" Liam said

"Oh man you guys heard that?" " that embarrassing" I said blushing

After I Said all my goodbyes, well one good bye to Ms. Amy and then attempted to say good bye to everyone they just gave me dirty stares and rude remarks it was a little hurtful but that was all over I was moving on to a new life and I had 5 be dads, well Niall I'd my legal dad but I don't wanna ruin the moment so I'm just gonna leave it at that, I'm so happy!

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I took Niall's hand out the orphanage doors and into a glamorous limo surrounded by paparazzi and fans, we got mobbed, and it was actually more scary than I thought it would be! But Niall didn't let go of my hand, even though I just met him I felt safe with him, I trusted him.

In the limo we watched the flat screen tv, we watched the notebook... Louis cried like a baby the whole time, then Liam insisted on watching Toy Story.

And in 4 hours we had reached the boys HUGE mansion! It was a 15 bedroom 10 bath mansion with 80" flat screens in almost every room, butlers that cater to your every need, and on the outside the house was surrounded with a 6 foot fence with security all around the perimeter! I opened my mouth in awe.

"Close your mouth you will catch flies" Harry teased at me

I giggled in embarrassment.

We walked up to the front doors and Zayn opened them all dramatic like

"Here it is" he exclaimed

"Wow" is all I could say, it was absolutely stunning! the marble floors in the grand foyer, the large cedar table in the dining room which could seat about 20! Every room had something unique and breathtaking! it was very classy and fancy surprisingly, I was kinda surprised at how mature it was

" If you are wondering why our house looks like the queen decorated it its because Liam did" Louis laughed

That explains it

"If you want to see some real de praying check out the lounge room! it's where we spend most of our time" Niall said excitingly!

He led me down the long hallway from the front door as we walked I passed rooms that were just amazing the kitchen was HUGE I bet that was Harry's design because he wouldn't stop talking about how much of an awesome cook he was!

The tv room with the Giant L shaped couch with three mini fridges and a popcorn machine, hotdog spinner, and rotisserie spinner, and best of all 90" flat screen T.V you could guess that was by Niall

And on and on we're were these amazing rooms that the boys designed, at the end of the hallway we reached the destination Niall opened up the door and I was stunned

Four T.Vs, pool table, hot tub, any video game you could think of, drums, guitars, pianos, and lava lamps everywhere! It was the destination hangout spot! And then I knew I would have no trouble adjusting to my new life!

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