Chapter 21

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"Leave us alone!" I yell to the man

"I wish I could sweetheart" he says with a devilish smirk

He starts to walk towards me and Maddie. knife in hand

I start to scream, right now that I my only defence

"HEELLPP!! SOMEONE ANYONE HELP US!!" I yell at the top of my lungs

Maddie starts to scream along

"STOP SCREAMING" The man yells In my face holding the knife to my neck

"One more peep out of you and your gone" he says backing away, I can finally breath again

"Keep an I eye on them, ill be right back" he says to the younger one

The boy looked around my age

"Alex" I hear Maddie whisper

"Yeah" I whisper back

Te boy is reading a book at the other end of the room so he can't hear us

"Alex" Maddie whispers again a little louder

"What Maddie" I say agitated

She turns her he's to me

" I didn't say anything"

"What do you mean, I just saw you say my name"

"Well I didn't"


"Alex" someone is saying my name

This time in urgency. I start to shake uncontrollably

"ALEX" the voice is screaming my name

It sounds like Niall


I start to scream his name


That's when I find myself shoot up from my bed in a cold sweat

Niall is overtop of me

"Alex what's wrong! you started screaming in you sleep!"

"What?" so the mall, the kidnapping, it was all a dream?

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