chapter 27

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hey! so the book will be finished very soon so just to give you guys a heads up the next 2 or 3 chapters can get kind of intense so make sure to vote and comment!! thanks guys!


as soon as we stepped on that studio stage I was in awe with all the alights and cameras watching my every move, broadcasting to national television.

there were two sofas for the 6 of us, a big one and a little one. Niall and I sat on the little one leaving the other boys with the bigger one. I guess I was quite obvious with how stunned I was because Niall starred chuckling at me.

"what's so funny"

"you look like you've seen a ghost" he teases me

"oh whatever" I nudged his arm with my elbow.

when the crowd finally settled down the interviewer, Dan Harvey, who was the biggest a celebrity gossip TV host of all time started talking

"so let me get this straight boys" he started "so Simon just let you guys adopt a teenage girl?"

Liam took this one "well the boys and I thought it would be nice to have someone to bring us closer together and we really just wanted to be able to make a change in a child's life, so we took in Alex here" he motioned his hand towards me. I awkwardly waved to the audience and Dan.

"well isn't that just spectacular" Dan said intriguingly, "lets here Alex's side to the whole change"

"well" I started "my life before this wasn't all that great. my parents passed away when I was very little and I've been in an orphanage ever since then. that is until the boys came in one day and took me home with them. since then it's been nothing but amazing, I went to school for a bit but since the boys are going on tour soon I moved to online school, but I still have my best friend maddie who I met when I first went to school."

Dan gushed "well isn't that just splendid. we also have some sources saying you have a little boyfriend" he winked, I felt Niall tense up beside me

"oh well yeah I guess but I wouldn't say he is my boyfriend"

"suure he isn't" Dan said eyeing Niall.

"how about we move on from that" Harry piped in obviously seeing the uncomfortable state Niall was in

"sure thing" Dan said "Harry how abou-"

suddenly the whole studio went black, and people started panicking. the emergency lights came on but we very dim, so we couldn't really see much.

"the doors are all locked!" someone screamed

"what is happening!!" another person yelled

security came over and started talking to Dan, "the doors are all locked and we can't get a signal, all the monitors have been interfered with"

"what the hell is happening" Dan hissed back

"we think someone hacked the system" the security guard said back

Dan stood up in front of the audience

"don't worry folks it's just a temporary delay"

but then we heard something

the speakers started muffling then a voice came on. it was a deep voice. a mans voice. I recognized this voice, it was the voice of the man from my dream, which means this was the voice that was in my house that night. the voice that killed my parents.

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