Chapter 9 : Fun First Day

I looked up, craning my neck, at my high school. Finally, the time had come. Senior year. The year of the so-called fun, freedom, joy, all that. I sighed and walked toward the doors, trying to push through swarms of people.

Okay, scratch that. I can’t push people. I just stood there, waiting for people to pass, as wave after wave of people hustled and bustled about.

Then, I finally spotted Logan walking towards me. He stopped in front of me, smirking.

“Need help walking through these new freshmen?”

I laughed, thankful for being saved. “Definitely, thanks.”

He grinned and grabbed my arm and started dragging me through the crowd to somewhere less crowded. I hoped this dragging around didn’t become a habit. My poor arm.

“So, which homeroom you in?” he asked, once there were in a quieter hallway, with only a couple people roaming around.

I looked at my schedule. “Grant.”

He grinned wider. “Same!”

Suddenly, someone threw their arms around our shoulders, throwing both of us off balance, so we both pitched forward.

“Nolan!” I screamed. Shaking, I sputtered, “You scared me,” as my teeth chattered uncontrollably.

He looked at me, confused. “It’s not cold,” he muttered.

Logan looked at his friend. “Dude, it’s twenty degrees out.”

“Celsius,” I muttered under my breath. Logan chuckled. Woah, he knew the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit? I underestimated him. Wait, that sounded mean. I apologized to him in my head (Yeah, I sound dumb, but that’s just me).

Nolan eyed our exchange. When he finally figured out what we’d said, he chuckled too, even though we were laughing about him.

“You hear there are a ton of new kids this year?” he asked.

Logan and I both shook our heads. Nolan worked for student council and helped out in the school administration a lot.

“We’re giving tours and Ms. Foster wants some of my friends to give tours too. You up for it?”

“Sure,” I said, while Logan just shrugged. Ms. Foster was the secretary who was pretty mean and strict. No one really wanted to get in her way, she could trample them. When she was on lunch-duty once, she was storming through the cafeteria, yelling at the top of her lungs. Scary!

We started hiking through the crowds and finally reached the office, where I looked around and counted one, two, three, four new kids. Two of them, a boy and girl with tanned skin and the same dark blue eyes were standing next to the window. One girl, with dark brown, wavy hair, tan skin, and very dark brown, almost black eyes was standing next to the bulletin board advertising the clubs this year. She had headphones stuck in her ears and was humming along. The last girl had gotten a tour guide and was quickly escorted out of the office by a junior.

Ms. Foster looked up from her desk and gave us one of her rare smiles. “Thank you for coming.” She looked at Nolan, “Mr. Li, how about you show Miss Lutz around,” then she looked at Logan, “And you, Mr. Gray, show Mr. Lutz around,” and then she looked at me, “Miss Landers, Miss Phair.” 

In my head, I thought to myself, wasn’t Elle Miss Lutz? Elle Lutz. Huh, maybe they were related.

I looked over to the girl she’d pointed out to me, that was humming with her iPod on full blast. I could hear her music blaring. Walking over to the bulletin board, I tapped her shoulder.

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