Chapter 8 : Sleepover/Party

It was hard to decide whether to call it a “sleepover” or a “party.” “Why?” you may ask. Well, to summarize it in brief, the boys would be staying until 10 PM, while us girls would have our gossip time for the night. Not that I enjoyed gossip, but who cares about that. A girl can indulge at times.

Anyway, the doorbell rang loudly, the sound ringing in our ears. I’d just turned evil on Alix, inviting the two guys she kind of liked... oh, but I didn’t have to be nice all the time. Plus, Alix deserved to get things cleared up. It was obvious she didn’t really like Lance that much but she liked Ben a lot more, so voila! A plan was formed.

The basic summary of my plan: Lily would come over, first. I would tell her that she should try to get Lance to like her, so he would get over Alix and whatnot, and Alix, seeing Lance and Lily, would immediately get over the ounce of “like” she had for Lance and become head over heels for Ben. Then, Alix and Ben’s relationship would rise and they would get to know each other. That would make everything better! And hopefully, maybe Lily would actually like Lance. 

The first part of my plan went down the drain when I reached the door.

“Ummm,” a voice, belonging to a particular red head, muttered sheepishly, “I thought I was going to get lost so I left home earlier.”

I rolled my eyes, trying to improvise my plan. No ideas came to mind.

“Wow Ben!” I squeaked. “I just got my plan ready!”

He looked at me. “You had a plan?”

I stuck my tongue out at him, not knowing what to say.

“A plan for what?” he asked.

“Nothing!” I snapped hurriedly. He rolled his eyes, but didn’t push.

Then, the doorbell rang again while Lily waved from outside.

“Hi Lily!” I squealed before jumping over to hug her while Alix hugged too. Then Ben decided to join our hug. “Group hug!”

Lily giggled loudly, like usual, reminding me of Ellie, though her voice was lower. “Hi Reena! Alix! And...” she paused, waiting.

“Ben,” he said. She nodded and winked at Alix in approval. Alix rolled her eyes and stared at the ceiling. It seemed that Ben was oblivious to that exchange.

Ah-ha! Genius idea! “Hey Lily, can you bring your sleeping bag upstairs? I’ll go show you where to put it,” I started. Not only would I be able to tell Lily about the modified ‘plan’, but Alix and Ben would have some alone time!

Lily seemed to understand what I meant, because she replied, “Sure. I need to know where everything is, anyways. I haven’t been here in a long time.”

BINGO! I’m such a genius! I led Lily upstairs, and I heard Ben and Alix start up a conversation in the other room.

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