Truth or Dare?

Chapter 6: Wedding

The honks kept sounding, and we fled down the stairs in our pretty little dresses and our dumb heels in our hands. As Alix reminded me many times, it was a good thing they weren’t stilettos. Once we’d reached the door and I unlocked it, it flung open and smashed my face. Again. My door hates me.

“Oh my gosh! Sorry, Roxy!” Lance yelled. “So, you ready?!” he yelled in the same loud voice.

We all nodded. Then he noticed Alix. “Oh my gosh, Alix! You look so fudging gorgeous!”

She laughed slightly. “Thanks, Lancie.” He scowled at that. “But you look nice too, we match!” she said, pointing toward his purple tie. Lance nodded mutely and took her arm, motioning us to follow him.

I skipped toward the van Lance brought happily. Nolan was sitting in the back and he winked at me. I stuck my tongue out at him. “Hi No-it-all!”

He rolled his eyes, “Roxy Foxy”, he acknowledged.

“We match” he added. I looked at his tie and yes, it was the same exact shade as my navy blue dress.

“So, Ellie, you ready?” another voice asked. It was Aaron! Did he really ask her to be his date? Good job, Aaron, that’s one step up! I saw Alix wink at him and then look at me. So she thought he liked Ellie, too? Poor girl-she was probably the only oblivious one in the group.

The car had three rows-two spots in the front, two in the center, and two in the way back.

“Hey, Lance, are you driving?” Alix asked. He nodded back to her.

“OK, Roxy, we’ll sit in the back” she sent me a meaningful glance. I guessed that she had something private to relate to me.

“So. Our group of friends is really crossing the ‘friendship zone’, and some of us are becoming friends with benefits. Do you agree with me?” I gulped. Should I say anything about Lance to her, or should I stick with Ellie and Aaron? Safest bet was probably the second, and I always followed the safest. Well, usually, anyways.

“Um, it definitely seems like Aaron is, with Ellie” I lowered my voice to a whisper. Ellie and Aaron were in front of us, and it would be really awkward if either of them heard us. Especially Ellie.

“Yeah, I agree. Poor girl, she doesn’t know! We gotta help him!” she sighed at the end. “Or she’ll never realize until it’s too late.”

Phew! No mention of Lance whatsoever.

“But that’s not really what I was going to ask you about” she continued, sounding more pensive this time.

Okay. “Bad mind,” I scolded my brain, “Why did you have to jinx it?”

“Does Lance like me?” she continued. Oh geez. What do I say to that? I thought I promised Lance not to tell anyone!


She fixed her chocolate brown eyes on my green ones unflinchingly. It was as if we were having a staring contest.

“I’ll ask Lance” I finally caved. I would ask Lance about telling her; I already knew the answer.

“Alright” she sighed. It didn’t seem like she believed me, but she let it be. I was glad-she was kind of a nosy person, but she could take a hint. Unlike some people, cough, my other friends.

“We’re here!” a voice chirped right in front of me. Ellie. And she was right-we were in front of a sunny area decorated with flowers. I loved outside weddings!

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