Uta No Prince Sama X Reader(On Hold) by arminrules
Uta No Prince Sama X Reader(On Anime_Queen
this is a story about y/n and all her friends.when you arrive at your new school you meet some new people and you see your best friend in the whole world at your school...
  • tokiya
  • jinguji
  • masato
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We're kids???(uta no prince sama fanfic) by ErikaAlvarado8
We're kids???(uta no prince sama anime lover
It's been awhile after winning the uta pri award STARISH has been really busy and QUARTET KNIGHT. Thus leaving Nanami all alone because they get home really late. On one...
  • starish
  • quartetknight
  • tomo-chan
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Truth or Dare? by SoaringAngel
Truth or Dare?by Rᴇʙᴇᴄᴄᴀ
Reena, and her best friends Alix, Aaron, Lance, and Elle, have played the game Truth or Dare, every Friday and at every party, ever since they all met, in eighth grade...
  • swimming
  • solution
  • drama
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