Author's Note: Hi! This is one of my first stories, so I'm sorry if it's not really incredibly great, but I hope you like it, nevertheless. 

Sorry if I have grammar/spelling errors, I've never been that great at proofreading...  Thanks for taking a look at my story I hope you like it! 


Chapter 1 : Truth or Dare

“Truth or dare?” Lance said, grinning.

“Truth,” I muttered, better safe than sorry. The last time someone was dared it ended up with my best friends, Lance, Aaron, Elle, and Alix, screaming at the top of their lungs, running around the mall with their pajamas and snorkeling gear on. Very embarrassing.

His face fell. “Awww, but dares are so much more fun!” he moaned. “Reena’s such a party pooper!” 

I shrugged and raised an eyebrow. “It’s my party,” I said, sticking my tongue out at him. Lance glared at me with his light blue eyes. I couldn’t help but think they were one of the most beautiful sets of eyes I’d ever seen. Light, sky blue, with a couple hints of bright green, that matched perfectly with his light blond hair.

Aaron laughed. “I’ll bet a hundred bucks Reena’s thinking about that trip to the mall! Hilarious! I mean, the look on her face? Priceless! I think I looked pretty hot running down the hallways past all those girly stores, with my snorkeling goggles and Pokemon PJ’s. It was pretty epic.”

Elle stifled a giggle. If I had remembered correctly, she’d been the one with Hello Kitty PJ’s and bunny slippers. I rolled my eyes and muttered, “Mhm.”

Lance cracked up, grinning broadly. “Aw man, if only Alix were here, it would be a party. I mean, how can she not make it to Reena Beana’s seventeenth b-day?”

Aaron groaned. “Aw, you’re right! We could’ve all worn our pajamas from last truth or dare! We could’ve annoyed Reena ‘till she went crazy!”

I glared at both of them, “Shut up. I’m right here.” That day had always been a soft spot on me. I could never get over the fact that my best friends had gone crazy, running around, and people staring at them. It was bad enough most of the people recognized us because everyone from school was back to school shopping, let alone the fact they dragged me around trying to get me to dance around looking like a maniac too. To top it off, even the security guard yelled at them!

Lance pouted, “Awwww Reena’s being a goody-toe-shoe meanie again.”

“You mean, the usual Reena.” Aaron muttered, smirking at me.

Another glare.

Another smirk.

I sighed. “Get on with the game, will you?”

Lance grinned, “But it’s so fun teasing you Reena Beana!”

“Is that the best nickname you can think of?”


I sighed and raised an eyebrow expectantly.

Elle laughed, “Roxy’s such a bore. I mean, her middle name is so, b-dazzle-jazzle, Roxanne, but her first name is so, responsible-like, Reena. Reena Roxy Landers.”

I rolled my eyes.

Lace smirked and yelled, “Let’s all call her Roxy! Roxy Foxy! No let’s call her Foxy! Foxy Foxy!”

“Roxy the bore!”

“Foxy Foxy!”

“Get on with it, Lance.” I said flatly.

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