Chapter Twenty-Two - The Reality

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Alright guys another chapter with both Liam and Carmen's POV! It's so sad that it's almost over! If you guys want a sequel let me know. Thank you for reading and don't forget to vote and comment!

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Liam's POV

Today is finally the day of Leah's funeral. We've held it off for three weeks to allow Carmen to heal, resettle Lincoln, and to replace Bane. Honestly I have been trying to avoid the thought of Leah. Like if I ignore the fact that she's dead by keeping busy then she won't really be gone. The day after the attack Carmen's family and my family came to Lincoln to see us. I waited to tell them the news about Leah until I saw them in person. Both of our families were devastated. 

Telling Ryker was the hardest thing to do. Knowing about their relationship and how it had just started. There was shock and hurt in his eyes when he found out that Leah had hidden all of this from him and he realized he never even knew what was happening in her life. I have never seen Ryker cry until then, it was the first time he saw me cry too. 

I look at myself in the mirror and see a very changed man. The past few months have brought me so many new things, good and bad, and I know there is more ahead. I met the love of my life, got married, fought a war against a fellow director, lost my sister. The only testament I had to these things was a golden band around my finger and the dark bags beneath my eyes. "Liam, can you help me change this bandages." Carmen called from the bathroom.

I left my position in front of the mirror to go help Carmen. I was worried about her. She wasn't healing as fast as she should and she has been sick, vomiting all the time. The doctor thinks that she may be feeling the effects of poisoning from the bullet, but she says it should fade soon. She's also been extremely moody, but after what has happened I think everyone involved is. 

When I walk into the bathroom she's sitting on the sink. I see her wiping her mouth with a tissue and I know she just threw up again, she has bags beneath her eyes to match mine. I don't say a word as I remove her shirt and unwrap her bandages. Once there off I inspect the healing wound just below her right breast. It looks better though there is still little drops of blood seeping between the stitches. I take note of how awkward the situation is and I see her shiver from being cold. I make quick work of redressing her wound and help her pull on the black dress she had on the counter beside her. 

I kiss her forehead and leave the bathroom letting her get ready. We have been pretty distant since everything happened. After she woke up from being sedated she was closed off. I haven't held her hand, had a full conversation, or kissed her since before her breakdown and since we've come home I have slept on the couch. She's been through a lot and I don't want to push her but this distance is driving me nuts. The only reason she lets me undress and redress her wound is because she can't do it herself. 

She comes out of the bathroom fifteen minutes later and I hand her the black purse sitting on the bed and her coat and we head to the conference hall  for the funeral.  We haven't spoke about it but after the funeral Carmen has a doctor's appointment to check-up on how she's healing. The only reason I even know is because she left the notice on the counter. I hope the doctors can do something to help her, I would give anything to have the old Carmen back. I can't stand watching her suffer and struggle with her sickness and depression.

Carmen POV

Sitting in the car on the way to the doctor's I realize that I had zoned out during Leah's funeral. I don't remember much about it. There's flashes of songs, prayers and speeches but they all just blur together. The funeral wasn't for Leah. We all know it. Funerals are for the living to grieve. I show my respects to Leah when I get up everyday, when I love her brother, when I think about our memories, the funeral was just a show. A practicality.  I remember crying and Liam crying but neither of us made a move to comfort each other. I know that I shut him out. I feel bad about it but I just feel so withdrawn from everything and everyone, like I don't know how to reconnect. 

When we reach the office Liam is quick to get out of the car and open my door for me. I try to pull up the corners of my mouth into a small smile but I just can't seem to do it. We walk into the office side by side and silent, being careful to avoid brushing our hands together. After a few minutes of sitting in the waiting room my name is called and we follow a nurse back into the examination room. 

I sit on the examination table and Liam takes a chair next to it. I shiver feeling the cold unyielding atmosphere of the room and Liam is quick to remove his jacket and place it around my shoulder. I have done nothing to express my love and appreciation for him and yet he continues to treat me so well. I hope I can find out why I'm stuck in this dark abyss and how to get out of it and back to my happy newlywed life. 

We sit in silence for another few minutes before the door is pushed open and a woman in scrubs walks in. She offers a polite smile and sits down looking at my charts and health record on her clipboard. "Hello, I'm Dr. Masonia, It looks like we have a lot to talk about and plenty of decisions to make. So let's get started."  

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