Chapter Thirteen - The Proposal

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I have been waiting to post this chapter I am so excited to share this with you all! I know this is moving fast but it takes place in another time period that has different society ideas. This is a common thing to get engaged after a month.  Don't forget to give me feedback and vote!

Lots of Love, Kenzie ❤️ Kate


Back to Carmen's POV

Today I finally get to leave the hospital and go home. Ryker and Liam have instructions from the doctor on how to help take care of me and I have signed tons of paperwork. The first day I woke up I spent all day with Liam and I can confirm that I love him. But today he's been acting rather strange and when I ask about it he says he is excited to get me home.

I'm wheeled out to the car by Liam and lifted into the back seat. We enjoy a peaceful ride home and I am carried into the house. I can walk but the doctor says I should stay off my feet for the first day and to take it easy. Liam may be just a tad overprotective but I understand... and it's kind of cute. I sit on the couch with Liam and we wait for Ryker to make dinner.

A wonderful smell wafts through the house and Ryker brings our meal out. "Umm... I have to go check in with the old director because I am going back to work tomorrow so I will be back later." He says and leaves in a rush. I find it really odd that he would make dinner and leave but I am sure he has reason.

After eating the delicious sauce and noodle combination Ryker made, Liam and I played the ominous Twenty Questions game. I learned a lot more about him and I feel like we will never stop learning things about each other. We avoid talking about the possible genocide orchestrated by Bane and his sister and focus on the two of us.

When it gets dark outside we sit at the window and stare at the stars that dot the clear autumn sky. Liam lit some candles earlier giving the room a warm glow. I lean against him appreciating everything he has done for me. I feel him move and a slow melody plays from a little speaker I hadn't noticed before.

I turn to look at him and he starts to sing. " We were matched together, a pair to last forever. We didn't have a choice but now I have a voice and I sing, I've loved you since the very first day, I'll hold you until our lives fade away... ohhh I'll love you forever and a day, I love you always." He has a smooth, low voice that draws you in. I sit mesmerized for the rest of the song, looking into his eyes and soaking in the love of the moment.

When he sings the last note he pulls a small box from behind his back. He opens it up and a gold branch ring with a rough cut diamond sits inside. I look up in awe. My slightly concussed brain seems to have stopped functioning. "Carmen Marie Louis. You are an amazing, strong, smart, brave, and beautiful woman. I love you more than anything in the world and it would be an honor to have you as my wife. Will you marry me?" Liam whispers into my ear.

I sit with tears in my eyes looking at the beautiful ring. "Of course I will marry you." I say with a smile. Liams face lights up and he pulls me close to share a deep kiss. My heart is bursting with love.

"I have another little surprise." Liam says, " I got approval from the other directors to go and visit your family. My family will be there too." I smile brightly. I really wanted to see my family while I was in the hospital and now I can. "Thank you!!!" I throw myself into Liam's arms, "When are we going?" I ask. "We are leaving tomorrow." I am so excited to share the news with my family and get to meet Liam's.

The rest of the night we spend together wrapped in each other's arms. Content in the present but excited for the future. 


Yay! Keep reading along it gets better and better! Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love, Kenzie ❤️ Kate

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