Chapter Sixteen - The Rehearsal

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The next month was finalizing plans for the fight with Liam, training to get in shape with Liam, learning to use weapons with Liam, and wedding planning with everyone else. Even while learning to use weapons was scary, and planning to save lives was so important, the wedding was probably the most confusing thing to work on. Thankfully my mother and Rachel, who insists that I call her by her first name, seem to know exactly what they are doing. I left most of the planning to them as they seem to enjoy it and they come to me when they want an approval for an idea.

Today I am trying on my mother's wedding dress and having it fitted. Liam and Ryker were getting their tuxes fitted at our future house to prevent Liam from seeing the dress before the wedding. All of my sisters and both of Liam's sisters are here with me and our brothers and fathers were all with him. To prevent raising suspicion Leah is in my wedding party. Both Liam and I still want her in our lives we still have a little hope that she isn't such a part of Bane's plan.

Before I try on my dress I get to announce the wedding party. As unconventional as it was I already have bridesmaids dresses made for the girls to try on, they were made big so they still can be fitted to everyone's size. We are all gathered in the living room and I am sitting on the same couch I sat on when Liam proposed. Clearing my throat to get the girls attention I began to speak.

"The wedding party is as follows: Ryker is going to be our best man, and walking down the aisle with him as the maid of honor will be Leah," She smiled brightly and I gave her a big hug. "Liam's groomsmen are Landon and Terrance, my bridesmaids are Maisie and Larkyn." Both followed Leah's lead and gave me big hugs. "The ring bearers will be Sean and Scott,"I could just see their large grins and hoped that none of their tricks would find their way into the wedding. "And lastly the flower girls will be Addeline and Nevaeh." Addeline was happy that she would get to walk down the aisle and throw flowers and Nevaeh just smiled seeing her sister's happiness.

Rachel and my mother nodded in agreement with the choices and went to pull out the dresses. The bridesmaids dresses and the flower girl's dresses were very similar with sparkling gold tops and champagne flowing skirts. My dress was cream with gold lace detailing that was slimming. It had a v-neck of lace and an a-line skirt. I watched as the girls pulled on their dresses and the mothers pinning where things needed to be shortened, hemmed, or taken in. Luckily none of the dresses needed major reconstruction.

Finally when they were taken care of I went up into my room to put on my dress. Pulling it on it fit like a glove. I doubted any alterations would be needed. I call up my mother to help button the back. After finishing she turned me around and smiled with tears in her eyes. "You look so beautiful Carmen!"

The rest of the posse came upstairs when they heard her and I was showered in complements. Not wishing to ruin the dress I took it off after a few minutes and hung it back up.

After finishing the dress work we shared lunch and got down to working on other aspects of the wedding. Things like shoes and bouquets and decorations. When the clock reached 5 o'clock we headed to rehearse for the wedding. Our ceremony was going to have our families, the other directors, and a few close friends. Our wedding was also going to be reported online for major news channels as we were public figures. We loaded ourselves into the cars programmed to take us to the center of council were there was a beautiful park we decided would host our wedding.

Once we arrived we found the boys already there. A spot was marked where we would say our vows and the isle was marked off too. The wedding party and I would be getting ready in the conference hall that the reception would be held it which was just outside the park. We would be driven to the park entrance where where the large decorative gate would hide everyone from view until they walked down the aisle. It was beautiful. 

The weather was supposed to be extremely nice and it wasn't cold outside like my original fear and I hoped it would be just as comfortable in a few days. It was unconventional to have rehearsal so far in advance but with our schedules we thought it best to tie up loose ends at work before we left for our "honeymoon."

We stated the order of the party starting with the officiant, then  Liam's parents, followed by my mother and father, then Larkyn and Terrance, after them was Maisie and Landon, followed by Leah and Ryker, then Sean and Scott, followed by Addeline and Navaeh, and finally I would bring up the back. As the third female director to be married while carrying the directing position I chose to walk down the aisle independently as the other two women did before me. 

After confirming the list we ran through it and the entire ceremony multiple times. A few times we had to adjust the speed at which we walked down the aisle or had to coach Nevaeh on exactly what she was doing with the petals as well as making sure Sean and Scott didn't let the rings get dropped. The rehearsal went pretty smoothly without a prank from any of the boys and I hoped tomorrow would be the same way. Our ceremony wasn't too long nor was it exceedingly short. We had prayers, a hymn, our vows, that were both the traditional ones and ones we had written. 

After a long practice we headed to the hall to have dinner. I couldn't be more in love with Liam or more excited to be married in just a few days. The wedding was planned perfectly and I knew with a few hiccups it would be just fine. It was the day after and the fight we faced that worried me. 

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