Chapter Twenty-Three - The News

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I promise this chapter will hold a big surprise that will be worth the bit of boredom! Thanks for reading don't forget to vote and comment! Let me know if you want a sequel. This is not the last chapter like my plan but we are close to the end. 

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"Hello, I'm Dr. Masonia, It looks like we have a lot to talk about and plenty of decisions to make. So let's get started." "First question, do you feel comfortable having your husband with us for this exam? If so, at any point you can decide if you need him to step out." I nodded my head. I knew he would want to be here trying to figure out how to get the old me back. "Alright well besides your gunshot wound what other ailments have you had?" I thought about it before answering. "Well I have been nauseous and throwing up which the doctor in the hospital attributed to poisoning that would dissipate, I have had crazy mood swings, I have had headaches, I haven't had my period, but I was told to expect that because of the stress, and I haven't been able to move very well because of the wound." I stopped concluding my list. 

The doctor was scribbling notes and was almost  done when Liam spoke up. "Depression, extreme depression." She looked up and looked at me, "Is this true?" "Yes, but that's just emotional stuff, there's nothing that can be done about that." The doctor looked surprised at what I said. "Of course there are things we can do about it. Depression is a physical ailment due to brain malfunction. We can prescribe anti-depression medication and connect you to psychologists to help you. Depression is not something wrong with a person it is a health issue that has to be treated like anything else. We will talk more about that later for now we are going to move on." She finished writing and stood up. She put on gloves and proceeded to do the normal run through check-up. Vital signs, checking the eyes, ears, and nose. After she finished procedure with testing reflexes she undid my dressing and looked at the gunshot wound. She then redressed it and took more notes.

"Alright based on the general examination I have a few ideas of what is causing these symptoms and what treatment you will need but I want to take a urine sample and a blood sample for specialists to examine. Your tests are going to be done immediately so let's collect the samples so they can be processed and tested." With that she got the tools she needed and drew blood. I was given a bottle of water and not long after I was sent to the bathroom with a plastic cup. When I came back I handed her the sample and took my place on the examination table. "It should only take thirty minutes or so, you know your lucky, you got moved up to the front of the line and if you needed these tests 100 years ago you wouldn't get results until tomorrow." She chuckled a little before growing serious again. "When was the last time you participated in sexual intercourse?" I blushed a little at her question, "About three weeks ago?" I said. She nodded and was out the door. 

The first few minutes we sat in silence. Neither of us moved. I jumped a little when I felt something touch my hand. I looked at it to see Liam's hand wrapped around mine. I stared. This is the longest contact we've had since the attack and I'm not sure how I felt about it. A part of me wanted to pull my hand out of his grasp and shrink  away. But a stronger part of me wanted to stay like that. Our linked hands felt like the beginning of a connection that would lead me back to the lighted path. 

Sitting there I realized it would. That was what Liam and I promised to do for each other in our vows. I knew Liam would never abandon me in this pit of depression and I knew I would never leave him had our roles been reversed. I looked at Liam who's eyes were focused on nothing in particular. He seemed less tense since holding my hand, and I knew he was confronted by the fact that I didn't push him away.  I'm not sure what possessed me to say it but the words were whispered from between my lips, "I love you." His eyes moved to me and he looked at me somberly, "I love you more than you will ever know." I nodded my head and we went back to our silence waiting for my test results to come back. 

Another fifteen minutes passed by and there was a soft knock on the door before the knob was turned and Dr. Masonia walked in and took a seat. "Well we got test results back so here's what information I have for you." She shuffled through papers before looking back up. "We will be prescribing you another week's pain medication, an antidepressant, and prenatal vitamins." Liam nodded his head oblivious to the last prescription. I however did not miss the addition of prenatal vitamins to my medications.

My heart seemed to start beating a new rhythm as I thought about what I was just told. I was going to be a mother. Initially it was fear that filled me. What would Liam think about this? How was I going to mend our relationship? How in the world would I mother a child. What if I can't take care of my baby? After a few moments of panic my heart slowed and a warm feeling spread throughout my chest. I was pregnant and Liam and I would welcome a baby into this world. For the first time since my breakdown a smile stretched across my face without effort. The world still seemed dimmed, and I was not back to my old self but.... I felt happiness and hope. 

Liam looked at me with shock and confusion when he saw my smile. He was still unaware of the big news that was just shared with him. "We're having a baby." I whispered looking into his eyes. "You're going to be a daddy." He looked taken aback and I was worried. Worried that he wouldn't be happy about what was ahead. "We're what?" He said. "I'm pregnant, we are having a baby." I said again, and watched a grin appear as he finally understood. He lifted me off the table and set me on his lap. 

We were now in an intimate position and Liam took my face in his hands and guided me to look him in the eyes. "Songbird, I am going to protect you and this baby with all that I have. I love you, and I love our baby. You have been so strong through everything babe and I want you to know that we will get through the good and the bad together, and I would never want to be on this journey with anybody else." He wiped my tears with his thumbs and I pulled him into a hug. He rubbed my back soothingly for a minute before I pulled away remembering the doctor's presence.

"It's to early to do an ultrasound but we will get one scheduled for you, along with some other appointments. I have a couple more questions and some things to go over then you can get out of here." She chuckled and began speaking again. We finished out the appointment and Liam and I headed home, hand in hand, excited about the future.

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