Chapter Seven - The Tour

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             Waking up from my peaceful sleep there is no warm body next to mine. Liam must get up extremely early if he can wake up before me. I untangle myself from the blankets, a bit painfully I might add, and trod down the stairs to the kitchen. 

           Liam is on the phone and Ryker is stationed at the coffee machine. My brother asks me how I feel and gives me my first dose of medication before heading to work. When Liam hangs up the phone I face another interrogation. When he finally believes I'm okay and tells me about his phone call.

            "I have guards stationed outside of the house at night and I assigned guards to the group of incompetents your attacker escaped from." I sigh at his explanation. I think that it is really unnecessary to station guards around the house because of one attack. 

          "Liam, we really don't need people to guard us all night, it's a bit extreme. I appreciate the thought but..." I don't finish before he starts " This isn't all just for our safety. How do you think civilians would react if they found out that their government leaders were being attacked? It would be even worse if a director died. I told you that this has happened multiple times before, and you didn't even know about it. If we told citizens that the government was being threatened it would cause further instability and chaos."

           I shrink away at the harsh tone that threatened to take over Liam's voice. As his Life Partner I see the good and kind in him. His cold analyzation and admission to political lies was a sharp reminder that he was the Military Director before he was my Life Partner.

           In an attempt to ignore the politics I would soon partake in, I changed the conversation. "Are we still touring the division today?" "As long as you are okay to go, oh and Leah called and wanted to talk to you." He replies genuinely concerned. He pulls a second phone out of his pocket and places it in my palm. "This is yours. It should have all the numbers you'll need programmed in already." 

           I smile at him and he grins. "I'm gonna make breakfast, if you want to call Leah," He says. Looking through the contacts I press Leah's name and the phone rings shrilly. There's a click as she picks up the phone. "Hello, Leah Parker." "Hi, Leah this is Carmen." "How are you? Liam told me what happened." I can hear her concern over the phone. "I'm fine, I have some medicine and I'm all good. Do you have any plans for the day?" Hopefully she can come with Liam and I on our tour. "No, why?" "Would you want to go on a tour with me and your brother?" I wait for a reply. "Yes!!!" She shouts and I have to pull the phone away from my ear. "Ok, Liam and I will pick you up! See you later." "Bye Carmen," and she hangs up.

            Pulling the phone down from my ear setting it on the counter Liam gives me a playful look. "Did you just invite my sister to tour with us?" "Yep!" I say. Liam fakes a groan and plops into the kitchen chair. I sit down across from him and shovel the oats into my mouth eager to start the day. Sitting and looking at him I realize how little we really know about each other. "When is your birthday?" He gives me a confused look before answering. "July fourth, you?" "Mine is August eighteenth." He smiles "You share a birthday with the commonwealth. What is your favorite color ?" He asks getting into the game. "Blue. Yours?" He thinks for a moment before replying,"Green." 

           Being friends with Ryker he knows all about my family. However I don't know about his. "Tell me about your family." "Well," he begins, " After Leah and I, Landon was born. He is thirteen now and would probably get along with Terrence pretty well. I like to think he idolizes me but for some unfathomable reason he doesn't." I laugh at that before he continues. " Larkyn is the baby and she is ten. Pretty quiet but very kind. That's it." He says. 

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