Chapter Ten - The Surprise

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Chapter Ten is here with an interesting twist! Thank you for reading and voting!!! Chapter Eleven will be very eventful so watch for that coming up!!! 

Lots of Love, Kenzie ❤️ Kate


I follow my everyday morning routine skipping the parts that involved Liam. Like always I found myself sitting at my desk going through the motions but my mind was elsewhere. At the beginning I was sure Liam was to good to be true and now I know I was right.

After an hour at the office a knock sounds on my door. I invite the person in and when the door opens, it's Liam. I take a breath and turn around. "Just give me a chance to say something." Liam says. I let him only because he didn't beg or sugar coat it. "I did sign off on the sheet that provided Bane and Leah with weapons. But the report I was given requested them for use of persuasion against another commonwealth that has been threatening our citizens. I didn't know that they were to be used against the civilians of our own population."

Liam looks sincere and I know from prior experience that he can't lie to save his life. His explanation seems reasonable and if I was plotting I wouldn't let the man with all the weapons know what I was doing. A pang of guilt overwhelms me. How could I accuse him of something so serious with no proof?

"I'm sorry." I mumble. I hang my head ashamed.

"Hey, Songbird, It's okay. You were worried and scared. You just have to trust that I will do whats right." He pulls me into his lap and I cry into his chest. We sit like that for a minute before we have to get back to work.We decide that we will talk about it later when we get home to avoid being heard.

So I sit back at my desk and continue to match citizens. Tomorrow I will go through the withdrawal and Life Partner requests from the past month. There is probably only five. Finally when the clocks hands point at 5:00 I exit and lock the door to head home with Liam. Hopefully Ryker has dinner made because he went home an hour earlier due to lack of work.

Walking into the house Liam stops in his tracks. We had planned on explaining the situation to Ryker to get his input but what a surprise it was finding not-so-innocent Leah making out with Ryker, who was oblivious to her illegal and deadly exploits.

Noticing the two of us standing at the doorway Ryker pulls away and leans against the counter almost falling in an attempt to look casual. When Leah turns around she blushes and looks at Ryker. My brother clears his throat, "It was supposed to be a surprise when you went through the Life Partner Requests." His excuse is pretty lame.

We stand in an awkward silence until Leah says she has to go. She plants a kiss on Ryker's lips, hugs Liam, hugs me and leaves. Ryker tells us that he is going to start dinner, Liam and I head upstairs to plan.

We head into his bedroom and shut the door. "Well, now we can't tell Ryker. He might be involved or he might tell Leah that we know." I nod in agreement. "We are going to have to use the reserve army. But first we need to find the date and time of the attack. It is somewhere between October fifteenth and October twenty-ninth. We also need to identify who he is using for manpower because I didn't assign any troops as they were supposed to be threat only." Liam explains and I nod.

After a pause he continues, "I want to train you in case Bane finds out you know of his plan. We can go after our last Life Partner Meeting." I agree and we head downstairs to have dinner with Ryker.


Another Life Partner Meeting goes by and Liam has the car programmed to take us to a military training building. After a few short minutes we pull up to a sleek tinted glass building. Getting out Liam takes my hand and we go through security measures at the entrance. We get in the elevator going up ten floors before the door opens up to a matted studio for Martial Arts.

Looking around at the spacious room lined with weapons I notice Liam opening a bag in the corner. He pulls out punching bags and other equipment out and spreads them across the floor. For two hours we stay, Liam teaching me technique and how to defend myself. It felt good to know that I wasn't all alone like I believed yesterday. I had someone by my side, someone that would be there for the rest of my life and if I had anything to thank God for it was Liam.


Some of you were expecting that Liam was innocent and you were right! Now that Liam and Carmen have resolved their problem will something else tear them apart? Vote and Comment!

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