Chapter Seventeen - The Wedding

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Today is the day. The day Liam and I tie the knot, the moment I have dreamt of my entire life. Not even the troubles we face tomorrow can ruin the joy I feel now. I slept great last night though the excitement pushed the back time I actually fell asleep. I slept in the house I had stayed in since I have come to council and Liam slept in the house we would share once we were married and the fight was done.

We were due to start the ceremony at 1:00 and the reception at 5:00 giving us time for pictures and for the guests to enjoy council. So I am perched in a chair in front of a vanity in the brides room of the reception hall. A hair stylist is maneuvering my hair into a half up style while another stylist is adhering fake nails. A woman is waiting near by pulling out a multitude of makeup supplies I have never used. All around me the girls bustle around getting themselves ready and helping each other.

There is a knock on the door that draws our attention. "Is everybody decent?" I hear my brother Ryker call out. A glance around the room verifies that everyone is clothed. "Yes!" I call back. Slowly the door opens and my big brother walks in. He comes over and kisses me on the cheek. "You already look beautiful, I brought you a little something from Liam." He chuckles and hands me a package. "Thank you," I say, "I actually have a little something for Liam too." I hand him another package. He nods and heads back out the door. I had gotten a pair of socks that said "In case of cold feet" and a new cologne called "Married Man" as he was running out of his other cologne. 

I opened the package given to me by Ryker and there was a little note on top. "I love you. ~ Liam" In the package was a book entitled, "So now you have a husband." Which I'm sure will be quite a funny book, a there is also a pearl bracelet that I could wear with my wedding dress. 

While my makeup was being done the girls put on their dresses and did last minute touches. Once my makeup artist was done I too put on my dress and was met with more praises when they all saw me put together. We went out for pictures with just the girls and I. After a half an hour we went inside and waited to proceed with the wedding. 

After the parents and Liam left we got into the car and arrived at the park. One by one we got out and lined up hidden behind the gates. In pairs the wedding party headed down the aisle where my groom was waiting hidden from my view. I sent off Addeline and Nevaeh tossing petals as they went. 

My heart pounded in a good kind of nervous anticipation. I had no qualms about marrying Liam. I was just nervous about all the people watching. I steadied myself as I heard the violins and choir pipe up and the gates slowly open. I smile happy that the time has finally come. When I step into the park I am greeted with many smiling faces but there is only one I am focused on. I walk slowly one foot in front of the other mindful not to trip. I lock eyes with Liam who is beaming as I see tears pool in his eyes. I feel my own start to water and if at all possible, I smile brighter. After a few more steps I reach the front and clasp hands with my love. It feels as if time has stopped.

Liam guides me a few steps further to the officiant and we place ourselves across from each other. "We are gathered here today to witness the uniting of Liam Nathaniel Parker and Carmen Marie Louis in holy matrimony." He looks at us both and at the crowd of people before him. He then continues on in a prayer that I mumble all the while focusing on Liam. We are guided in a hymn before the guests are seated and the officiant backs up leaving Liam and I to relay our messages to each other. He pulls out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and moves to the podium pulling me to stand next to him. Adjusting the microphone it screeches a little and the guests chuckle. 

Without look down at the paper before him he begins to recite a poem I recognize as shakespeare's sonnet 18: 

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

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