Chapter Four - The Begining

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This Chapter starts right where the other one left off (Same Day)  The picture above is their modern wood home. Depicted from the back. It would be in a more suburb/city setting, not on the water.  Feel free to comment! Thank You and don't forget to vote! 

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We finished our schedule by stopping by the Population Department. Once all of our information was processed, this year's census was over for my family. Having finished, we were walking back to the gathering place to meet Ryker. When we arrived, he wasn't waiting and I assumed he was going through the last of the citizens. My family is hesitant to leave me alone to wait but I assure them it's fine. "Carmen, call us anytime, don't work to hard and do what makes you happy. We love you." My mother pulls me into a hug and kisses my forehead like she had when I was a young child.

My father steps up, "Be honest, do your best, and don't lose sight of what is important." Hugs from my family surround me. Maisie has tears rolling down her face. After saying my goodbyes I look over to see Leah reenacting the scene with her own family. I guess we can be friends after all. Maybe she is also a director. I kiss Nevaeh on the cheek and wave goodbye as my family heads home -- well, their home, it's not mine anymore.

Leah walks over to me after her family leaves. After a minute of comfortable silence thinking about our new lives Leah breaks the silence. "Are you going to be living here?" She asks.

"Yeah," I reply.

She looks at me and says, "I am the new assistant to the Director of Population. What was your assignment?"

"I am going to be the new Genealogy Director."

She nods and begins talking again, " I was really nervous to go to the Genealogy Department today because I didn't want to be matched. I don't want to force myself to have a relationship with someone."

She finishes and I reply, "I was the exact opposite."

"Did you get matched then?" She questions me.

"Yeah, actually I did. But umm... the thing is...." I knew I had to tell her but I didn't know how she would react. " My Life Partner is actually Liam." I wait for her reaction.

"That's great!" She exclaims. " I think he needs a girl in his life." She finishes with a smile.

Her reaction lets me know that I have been accepted and have a friend in my new life. After that, we sat and talked. I found out that she will be living with Trisha Rynolds, the Health Director, who is also without a Life Partner. After a quarter of an hour my brother pushes open the door and Trisha follows behind. "Ready to go?" Ryker asks. I nod and follow him out the door. I wave goodbye to Leah as we head different directions. "I usually walk home because it's such a short distance." Ryker explains.

The short walk was nice, it gave me a chance to catch up with my brother. As we approach the house I take in the appearance. It's average by all accounts, with a slightly newer appearance than my childhood home. It is an odd shade of blue gray, like the hue of a bleak winter sky. Ryker fiddles with the lock and pushes the door open.

As we step in I remove my shoes and scan the area around me. Up the stairs to the left, there looks to be three bedrooms and a bathroom. Straight ahead is the kitchen and to my right is another bathroom. I hear a shower running and assume that it is Liam. "Do you want something to eat?" Ryker questions.

"No thanks, my stomach is just returning to normal." I reply.

"Your bedroom is the first on the left across from the bathroom. Mine is the second door on the right and Liam's is straight down the hallway." I nod and march up the stairs to find some pajama bottoms and a T-Shirt on the bed for me to sleep in since my clothes haven't arrived.

I grab them and head across the hall to the bathroom. I drop the T-shirt and reach to pick it up while still walking and look up after hitting what I assume to be a wall. My inference proved to be sadly mistaken when I lifted my eyes and found not a wall in front of me but Liam. A towel clad Liam to be precise. "Ummmmm... I am SO sorry!" I say. As per usual, I start to ramble apologetically.

"It's fine." He says gently. Looking at him my eyes align not with his face but his bare chest and I can't help but notice how sculpted his body is. Liam stands unabashed as I unknowingly eye rape him. In a moment of clarity I realize I have been staring and blush deeper than than the blue sea. Which coincidentally I have only ever heard of.

"I'm gonna go get ready," I stutter and turn on my heels. I hear him let out a deep, low chuckle behind me and my blush grows even darker. I quickly say goodnight and he returns the favor as I slip into the bathroom and shut the door.

I brush my teeth and change all while chastising myself for acting like a twelve year old. I slowly walk out of the bathroom door as to prevent another incident and creep into my new room. Both Ryker and Liam's doors are closed so I assume they are already going to bed. I slip into my room lie down and drift into a dreamless sleep for the first time in a week.


Waking up I force my eyes open to look at the clock which reads 7:46. I tell myself that it is okay to sleep in every now and then because I am normally up at 6:00. I start drifting back asleep when I hear raised voices. I open my eyes then creep over to the door as the sounds continue.

"I'm just saying I don't want her hurt even on accident! You can't be too controlling with her either!" My brother says with a sharp edge.

"Ryk, I wouldn't ever. We've been friends for quite a while, you should know that I am not that type of guy!" Liam says exasperated.

There is a pause and my brother starts, "Excuse me for thinking that you might naturally be controlling and overbearing as the FRICKEN MILITARY DIRECTOR."

I can't believe my brother is being so stereotypical about this. Normally, he is his own person with unique ideas and stays away from common belief. He needs to see it to believe it. They continue with their shouting match and I realize they won't stop until they are interrupted. I see a sweatshirt left in the closet and shrug it on, scooping my hair into a messy bun then swinging the door open. The conversation drops mid sentence. Surprise is etched on both their faces.

My brother recovers first, "Ummm your belongings arrived and are downstairs.We were just discussing what we were going to do today." He shoots Liam a look.

My Life Partner clears his throat, "Yeah, uhh we are going on a tour of the Council Division." He shoots me a hopeful glance, anxiety and guilt etched on his face. He is definitely a bad liar.

I laugh at both of them and confusion appears in their features. "I heard your argument and I can think for myself. Ryker, I can handle my own relationships and Liam, my brother was right  I don't take orders from muscled men because they want me too." I proceed down the stairs to retrieve my belongings.

When I make my way back upstairs they remain in the same position I left them. I inform them I will be ready for breakfast in a half hour and stalk into the bathroom. I turn on the shower to warm and shed my clothing when it's at the right temperature and hop in. I let the water pour over me and steam comes off in rolls. My thoughts drift and I wonder who's clothes I borrowed last night. My mind wandering, I think about Liam.

It is strange to think that in a relatively short time I am going to marry him. I guess it is weird because we don't really have a relationship yet. He seems to be so much older, wiser, and more experienced in relationships even though he has probably not been in a relationship before because of the rules. I tell myself that if we weren't compatible we wouldn't have been assigned to each other. Shutting off the shower I begin to dry myself with a peach colored towel. I decide to dress in my casual pants and forest green tee, leaving my hair to dry in it's natural frizzy ringlets. After applying lip balm, I prepare myself to go down stairs and accept my new circumstances.


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