Chapter Nine - The Confrontation

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After pondering my situation for what seems like forever I came to one conclusion; I couldn't stop this alone, meaning I would need other people on my side. Ideally that person would be Liam, seeing as he has all the weapons. But he had to go and help the guy who is trying to kill people, though I can't figure out why.

Despite Liam's lies of omission and involvement in a horrific plan, I believe that he might actually feel something for me. Hopefully I will be able to use those feelings and change his mind about assisting Leah and Bane.

My final solution to the problem is to confront him. This could either save the lives of many, or end mine. Knowing that murdering the person who holds your secret is a common tendency for criminals I brace for the worst.

I write a letter to my family, warning them of danger and reassuring them of my love. Hoping that the act will be unnecessary, I hide it in my closet in praying that my brother would find it.

I straighten my clothes before heading downstairs to confront Liam while Ryker isn't home. I find him lifting weights with music playing out of a small radio. He straightens up and sends a smile that fades when he sees the dark look imprinted on my face.

"What's wrong Songbird?" he fakes concern.

"I know what you did." I accuse.

"Ok, so when we picked out the furniture for the house I may have chosen a different coffee pot than we agreed on."

"Liam, I already knew that. I am talking about you signing off weapons to Thomas Bane. Did you or did you not?" Liam looks at me.

"Weapon requests are kept private between the director and I. How did you find out?" Fear starts to run through me but I quickly shut it down. I need to be brave for all those in Lincoln division.

"I overheard. How could you Liam? Give him weapons to kill innocent people." He looks at me in shock.

"What are you talking about Carmen? They aren't innocent they have threatened our Commonwealth." What he says confuses me but I don't let my guard down.

"They are part of our Commonwealth. I hope you know that after the classes and the end of the week I am putting in a withdrawal. I could never be with a man who lets others kill people for his own benefit." I spit. He looks at me incredulously. He must be a better liar than I thought.

"I don't know what your problem is. I gave Bane permission to use weapons to prevent an attack on our Commonwealth from another civilization. He won't be killing anyone if his plan works and if someone dies it won't be an innocent. I'm changing and then we have a Life Partner Meeting to go to if you're done accusing me of assisted murder." He stalks up the stairs and leaves me brooding.

I am glad he managed to stay calm and he didn't kill me. Though I am not surprised he used the tactic of playing innocent until proved guilty. I decide to be civil in hopes that he will cave, admit to the truth, and help me stop Bane and Leah.

Hopping into the car we head to the Life Partner Meeting. Which in all honesty was the most awkward situation I have ever been in. Sitting beside a murderer's assistant and filling out paperwork on our relationship was something I never dreamed of crossing off my bucket list.

After the almost painful affair, we head back home. We nod at Ryker and head to our respectable rooms. It hurts to know that someone I trusted so quickly was a liar. Tomorrow I know we will talk about it. He seemed pretty adamant about being unknowledgeable while at the same time admitting his crime.

So for now, I do the one thing I can do: nothing. In the morning I will wake up and face the challenge of a lifetime, or in my case the challenge that could cost many lifetimes. 


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