Chapter Twenty-Four - The Announcements

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Liam and I were back in the doctor's office four months after the appointment that we found out we were going to be parents. A lot has happened in four months. After taking my antidepressants, seeing a psychologist, and a lot of TLC from Liam I was feeling  better and our marriage was growing stronger. We still haven't announced our pregnancy to our families, as we were waiting to find out our baby's gender. Neither of us has a preference, although Liam truly believes it is a girl. I unlike old wives tales say mothers should, have no idea what gender our baby will be. 

Our bundle of joy has been the center of our universe already and he or she hasn't been born yet. We've had many conversations about how we wanted to parent our child and what kind of person we wanted to raise him or her up to be. Accepting, kind, smart, independent... and the list goes on. We don't expect our child to be perfect, lord knows we're not, but we know our baby will be perfect for us. We talked about if things went wrong or tough situations we might go through, and shared our experiences with helping raise our younger siblings. Both scared out of our minds, we are now the owners of about 100 electronic and physical books on babies and parenting. 

I am currently laying on the examination table with all these thoughts running through my mind as the doctor sets up the ultrasound machine. I'm asked to pull up my shirt and plastic is tucked in the waistband of my pants. I'm given a warning before a cold jelly like substances is squeezed out onto my belly, which now was a small bulge. The doctor places the handheld peice on my stomach and adjusts it giving me my first glimpse of our baby.  

I see two different formations and am trying to decipher which is the baby when the doctor chuckles. "Well would you look at that, it looks like you both will have two babies to welcome!" I see surprise on Liam's face as he whispers, "twins?" I giggle at his response. "Now we have double the love." He says and kisses me on the cheek. "Well would you two like to know the sex of your babies today?" The doctor asks. Liam and I make eye contact silently agreeing we want to know. "Yes, we would like to know." I say. The doctor smiles and starts to move the device around my stomach getting different viewpoints. "Let's just see if we can't figure out what your having." 

After another minute she stops and points to the screen and I see an extremity below the umbilical cord. "Baby number one, is a boy!" The doctor confirms before moving the device around again to get view of the second baby. It takes another minute for her to settle the device and again she points to the screen. This time I'm not sure what I am seeing. The doctor notices my confusion before speaking, "I'm guessing you're not seeing anything, and I'm not either, if you were having another baby boy there would be something there. So congratulations you will be having a boy and a girl!" Liam and I look at each other seeing the happiness in each others eyes. We give each others hands a squeeze and wait while the doctor wipes up the goo and puts away the machine.

"Well it looks like we are done with this appointment", she says writing down something. "I will see you both in a couple of weeks." We thank her and head home. Once there we curl up on the couch in our living room.

"We're gonna have two stinkers running around here soon, huh." Liam says. "Yep,"
I reply, "Definitely if they are anything like you."  He fakes offense and laughs. "So any name ideas?" "Actually, yes." I reply. "I really like Athea, Everett, and Tobin." Liam looked at me before laughing. "Two out of Three are out but I really like Tobin. Actually the names I like are Theodora, Tesla, and Archer." I give him a look. "I don't want my kids to have any of those names. Let's keep Tobin in mind and keep looking." We each pulled out a baby names book and started to look. 

After a half an hour of flipping through pages and mumbling names aloud Liam broke the silence. "I found a name!" I looked at him expectantly. "Well what is it?" I asked worried about the name my husband would suggest. I was pleasantly surprised with his answer. "Terelle." It was different and unique but not to bizarre which I found very appealing. 

"Tobin and Terella." I said thinking about the combination. Liam smiled and I knew we have found the names for the twins. Now middle names needed to be decided. We both already knew our daughter's middle name would be Aleah, to honor his sister, so we needed to find a middle name for our little boy. We sat in silence breaking it to offer up suggestions until finally we both shouted a name at the same time, "Beckham!" We laughed and confirmed that we had found the names for our unborn children. I think we were both surprised that we found and agreed on names so quickly.  Liam stood up and headed to the kitchen and in a few minutes he returned with two cups of steaming cups of coffee.

"So how are we going to share the news?" I asked Liam after coming up with no answers. "Well, we are going to be asked to announce it publically to the commonwealth, and we will tell the directors in a meeting so we just need to break the news to our families." We sat sipping our coffee and cuddling while we thought about how we would tell everyone. After an hour of deliberation we decided that we would meet at Liam's parents house in Kennedy and ask my family to come there and announce our pregnancy by putting framed ultrasound pictures into gift bags and having the family watch as our parents opened the gifts. 

We called both families to ask them to get together and meet us tomorrow at the Parker House and both families happily complied. Liam and I packed our suitcases and loaded them into the car's trunk. Well Liam loaded them up, he wouldn't even let me roll my suitcase out the door. Then we were on our way to his childhood home.


We had arrived here yesterday and had just called everyone into the living room. Our parents all sat on the couch and our siblings gathered on the floor. "We've got some presents for you guys." Liam said holding all four gift bags. "But you need to open them all at the same time." The parents laughed and agreed and Liam handed them the bags. The kids started a countdown from ten and when they reached one, the soon-to-be grandparents reached into their bags removing tissue paper to find the frames. 

It took them a second to realize what they were seeing before they cheered and tears formed in their eyes. Our parents stood up and pulled us into a hug. Our siblings looked around in confusion until Ryker picked up the frame and showed all of the clueless kids. Not a minute later I was in the center of a group hug. Once everyone calmed down my mother started talking. "Congratulations, and twins how exciting, I get two grandbabies! Do you know the genders?" I looked at Liam, "Actually yes, We will be having a daughter and a son." Liam's mom squealed in excitement and our fathers smiled. "So what about names?" His father asked. Liam was quick to answer, "Tobin Beckham Parker and Terella Aleah Parker." The looks on their faces told us they loved the names and were happy we payed tribute to Leah.

I liked to think Leah was looking down on us and was happy for us. I wished she could be here. We could be attending her and Ryker's wedding, or congratulating them on a baby of their own. I missed my best friend, and I regret believing that she was willingly helping Bane. I pushed her away and barely spent time with her, and that would be with me for the rest of my life. Seeing my distress Liam pulled me into his side and told our parents that we needed a minute. They told us to go ahead and everyone moved into the kitchen for dinner.

"What's wrong Songbird?" I cheered up a little at the nickname. "I miss Leah, I wish she could be here celebrating things in her life." He nodded his head, "Me too baby, but I know she's in our hearts and she's happy in heaven." We stayed in each other's embrace for a few minutes before rejoining the family in the kitchen. No matter what is in the past, we have light in our future and love in our hearts, that is what keeps us going. 

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