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Law or Love? by Harmione77
Law or Love?by Harmione77
It's been 2 years since the war, when Kingsley, the Minister of Magic, discovers a major decrease in the magical population. Due to the decrease in magical blood, the mi...
The hunted  by bunnybluewriter
The hunted by Bunny
#1st PLACE WINNER OF THE ROSIE AND BLOSSOM AWARDS, ACTION/ADVENTURE CATEGORY I bit my lip to try and suppress the whimper that's threatening to escape my mouth as it a...
As It Was by LilithErii_0007
As It Wasby LilithErii_0007
The world is in danger. Climate change is creeping behind man kind, waiting... Without time warping no one could make it in time to find a habitable planet, but Earth an...
Sasuke x Reader In Love Without Knowing ( lemons near the enddddd) by swuvyx
Sasuke x Reader In Love Without Kn...by xswuv
Yyou start training for the chunin exams, when you met sasuke on your team. He was very much like you, for he was quiet, mean, cold, and super powerful. It was hard to b...
Second child-Zorbyn by wdw5fan
Second child-Zorbynby wdw5fan
(Completed) In a world where resources were running out, the government made population control laws. Each family is only allowed to have one kid. When Zach the young...
Steriles by raphaelmsizemore
Sterilesby Raphael Morgan
When the world population hit 10 billion, world leaders had to make a drastic change. The Chinese government knew that the one child policy led to the murder of many bab...
"LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS TRANCY! LIKE HELL SHE WILL EVER LOVE YOU-" Ceil shouted angrily as he slashed his sword against alois who dodged it. "OH YEAH PHANT...
The 5th Province by KahliNanette
The 5th Provinceby KahliNanette
Larson, where Ava had grown up with her twin brother Caden, was in a constant state of disorder. The overpopulation had become out of control and the government, in a bi...
Reminders of Yesterday by ItsPoppyMay
Reminders of Yesterdayby . poppy may .
Lala and Jane are sisters. Jane is 17, while Lala is 13. Jane was watching television, until their mum, Hannah, turns on the news. ''Mum- I was watching that!'' Jane sai...
Genesis Code, (Book 1, Genesis Series) by elizagreenbooks
Genesis Code, (Book 1, Genesis Ser...by Eliza Green
Can a troubled investigator rescue humanity from its mistakes? Bill Taggart lost his wife and his last spark of happiness on humanity's new home. Now as part of the team...
💚🐱YN X CAT NOIR/ADRIEN🐱💚 by tylersolozauhg
💚🐱YN X CAT NOIR/ADRIEN🐱💚by tylersolozauhg
You just moved to Paris to model for the one only Gabriel Agreste, you start a new school called Collège Françoise Dupont. And in your journey you find your self a very...
The Frozen Death by anonymous_girlwrites
The Frozen Deathby anonymous_girlwrites
Two girls with a dark secret must face the consequences of their past actions and are coldly confronted by their wretched and dangerous past. TW ⚠️ READ AT YOUR OWN RISK...
Punishment  86 by brittneymartin07
Punishment 86by brittneymartin07
The end of America is upon us. Children are being ripped from their households and forced to become property of the Government with the new Punishment of 86 law. Wren...
Hunter x Reader TOH by BobaWeirdo
Hunter x Reader TOHby Boba Weirdo
Your the first one to see the golden guards face are you the lucky one?
The Population by Kenzie_The_Reader
The Populationby Kenzie ❤️ Kate
Carmen Louis turned sixteen this year and today marks the beginning of the rest of her life. Her occupation, residence, and life partner are all designated by an efficie...
Hello Stranger  by luzacr
Hello Stranger by Zane
It's pretty rare to see a brand new $100,00 car entering our city. However, it does happen but, it's only ever travelers. Lately, this car has been through my town more...