Chapter Twenty-Five - The Life

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This will be the last chapter, I am soooooo sad that this story's ending. I have LOVED writing it and I feel like I have  a personal connection with the characters. I am going to miss all my readers and I hope you enjoyed this book. Thank you for voting and commenting, let me know if you want a sequel! 

Lots Of Love,

Kenzie ❤️ Kate


The pain came in waves slowly adjusting from ten minute intervals to two minute intervals. Currently Liam was by my side grimacing as my hand threatened to crush his. Once again I find myself in a hospital bed, though this time for the welcoming of our twins. Our family was seated in the lobby despite our protests that they should stay home and be comfortable until the babies are born. These past few months have been filled with baby furniture purchases, room decorating, and overall preparing to become parents. 

It was scary to think we were here, in just a short time we would have our son and daughter in our arms. But it was also exciting and I was getting impatient wanting to hold our little bundles of joy. After two minutes of relief pain found me again and I groaned. Opening my eyes I see a doctor come in, followed by a medical crew setting up things needed for after the birth. "I am going to see how far you're dilated," the doctor declares before reaching between my knees. After a moment she pulls back, "On your next contraction we are going to push ok?" I nodded my head and enjoyed my last relief in between contractions. 

My heart was beating fast, both in excitement to see my babies but also in fear of pushing. When I felt the first onset of pain I looked at Liam, who was looking pale and nervous. Seeing my state the doctor separated my legs and placed my feet on pedestals. Doctors took position and I was instructed to push. I have never felt pain like what I was feeling now. Getting hit by a car and getting shot never seemed as painful as this. I cried and I yelled, unintelligible words as I pushed. Liam kept saying things about seeing our babies and holding them, while the doctor told me that the more I pushed the sooner this would be over.

After pushing some more I felt a little release and heard a small cry before a baby was set on my chest. "Say hi to Tobin Beckham Parker." Covered in blood and fluid, with discolored skin was my baby boy. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life, nor have I ever fell in love faster. Liam had tears in his eyes and I watched as he cut the cord. Doctors moved around me and took my baby to give him a bath.

I felt a sharp pain and I was instructed to start pushing again. In less time than it took Tobin, Terella Aleah Parker was born, she too was placed on my chest as her daddy cut the cord. I fell in love all over again, oblivious to the tears rolling down my cheeks and all the busyness in the room.   

Soon Terella, or Ter, as we nicknamed her was taken for a bath and Toby was placed in Liam's arms. No matter what we experienced or who we lost we would continue on and love would never cease. The dark place I was in just a short time ago had disappeared. Between Liam and the two little miracles in our arms, I had began to revert to my old self. If there is one thing I've learned it is that things don't go back to 'normal.' You find a new normal, and that's ok.

Once I knew the babies and I were healthy the tiredness sank in. Liam assured me that he could handle them with the help of the nurses. I kissed my little family goodnight and fell asleep.


I had to stay a second day in the hospital before being discharged. Our families had come and crowded my room, the nurses turned their heads to the violation of visitor limits. Finally my family of four were packed in the car and headed home. It was a wonderful feeling to open the door and watch my husband walk through with a baby carrier on each arm. I set the car keys on the counter and admire the welcome home cards and flowers our fellow directors and families left. 

I unstrapped Tobin and held him in my arms as Liam did the same with Terella. Both babies stirred in their sleep but stayed quiet. We walked down the hallway heading to our room where they would sleep in bassinets until they were older. Liam stopped in the hallway and looked at the gallery wall filled with pictures of our family. He put a finger to a photo of Leah. "That's Aunt Leah. She would have been so excited to meet you guys. She loved little babies. She always told me how she would spoil her nieces and nephews. But she's a guardian angel now." He whispered. I had tears in my eyes at his speech and silently followed as he turned and walked into our room. 

We laid them side by side in the bassinet, and instantly they made little movements to be closer to each other. I smiled before taking Liam's hand and leading him to the doorway. He soundlessly turned off the light and we took in the sight before us. Just a little while ago I was living with my parents, then I was designated a director, met my Life Partner, got married, then fought a battle that almost costed my life, lost my sister-in-law, and now were here. Standing in our home watching our children sleep peacefully, still ignorant to the hurt, darkness, and evil in the world. 

I would like to keep that innocence in them, the pure and kind mindset that we are born with only to be poisoned by the other members of the human race. But that infiltration is inevitable, and with it comes maturity and strength. So now I will live like any normal family. Raising my children in the way I believe is best, kissing my husband before going to work, cooking dinner, cleaning up messes the twins will make and loving my family unconditionally.  Liam and I have done, and continue to do, all we can to give the next generation the guarantee of safety. 

We have started over, that doesn't mean that those left behind are forgotten or that we will never ever talk about what happened in the past. Liam and I know that one day our experience will be taught in history and that we will have to look our kids in the eyes and tell them about what has happened. I don't look forward to it but I will be honest with them. 

So today's the day. The first day of the rest of our lives.

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