Chapter Six - The Attack

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 Hello! Here is Chapter Six. We finally get some action! (This chapter will all help you fall in love with Cariam a little more) :) Don't forget to follow me and vote on every chapter! 

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___         A loud creak startles me from sleep. Another creak is emitted, but I don't bother opening my eyes. Either Liam or Ryker is opening their door. I hear a soft thud and laugh internally at the thought of one of them feeling their way down the hall and running into a wall.

       There is another sound and I realize that they aren't coming from the hallway. My eyes snap open to see a figure standing over me. Tall and muscular, I question why Liam is in my room. A closer look and I try to scream and scramble away from the unknown man. Only to manage a short wail before a cloth is shoved in my mouth.

               A rope is tied around my arms as I thrash about. The man's rough hands grab me and I'm lifted and pushed off the bed. Throwing myself to the ground I make it hard for him to drag me to the open window, where the sounds must have been coming from. Unable to contact Liam or Ryker I stomp my feet. My attacker is quick to lift me up to stop the noise. My legs kick wildly and he lets out an anguished groan when my leg is brought up behind me.

                   He slaps me hard across the face and I let out a whimper. I am shoved against the window frame looking out into the night, the cold biting at my ears and nose. Tears wet my cheeks. I hear the sound of a door being smashed into a wall and heavy footsteps behind me.

                    My kidnapper wraps a chubby hand around my neck and tightens his fists. My lungs struggle to expand and my heart rate slows. My attacker thrust his arm holding me out the window and my body follows. There are muffled shouts, a blurry figure and the hand grasping me releases. I start to drop, I feel a tug on my arm and everything goes black.


                   My head seems to be pulsing, beating as a tribal drum does. Confusion is all I know. After sorting through the images swirling around my head I piece the story before my black out together. I retract my eyelids to be greeted by a face hovering over mine.

                   I start to panic and thrash. It's happening all over again. "Hey, hey, calm down it's only me Songbird." Liam coos. I set my head back down and take deep breaths. I notice a medical crew surrounding us on the floor.

                  "How long have I been out?" I say. "How cliche." Liam laughs but then adds seriously, "only twenty minutes." One of the doctors comes forward. "Everything looks like it will heal. Your brain functioning seems to be in order with no amnesia. I will leave pain pills to be administered thrice a day. If you have any questions we will leave our numbers and you can give us a call." Liam sees the medics out and comes back.

                  "I heard the noises and thought you were getting up for something. When I heard the stomping I got up but I didn't want to just walk into your bedroom, because I didn't know what was going on. I heard you making weird sounds and I decided to open the door and..." his voices cracks.

                "He was choking you, I sent Ryker to call for help, and used the lamp to hit the man over the head." I look over and see pieces of the bulb and shade destroyed on the floor. "I have never been so scared in my entire life, he let go and you were falling, I almost missed your arm. I could have killed you." He whispers. "I thought you were dead, I was to late." I look into his normally clear blue eyes and find them stormy, cold, and gray. I put my hand to his cheek as ashamed tears start to pool.

                I was looking into the eyes of the Military Director. The capable, strong, leader. But what I saw was a vulnerable, caring, broken man. In that moment, I swore I knew what love was. It was the powerful spell a mortal could cast, It was the truth found within the lies, It was the breath of the dead, and It was the weakness of a fearless man. 

                  Seeing his distress I change the focus from the emotion wrought man before me to the matter of the attack. "What did the man want?" "He was an escaped incompetent. Obviously unhappy with his assignment. Throughout our history there have always been people who try to rebel against our commonwealth and leaders. These rebels and attacks are exactly why we don't live alone. Though we have never had an attack succeed. I suppose you were the target because you were just assigned as a leader, and he figured you would be an easy victim." 

               I take in everything he said. " Was one man planning on killing me himself?" "No, there were two others that acted as lookouts. The one waiting outside escaped but the other two are in custody." I see the anger start to bubble inside him. "I swear I will never let anyone hurt you again." "I know you won't" I agree trying to calm his raging emotions.

            I shiver involuntarily noticing the broken window still letting the cold in. Liam notices. "Let's get you to bed Songbird." I start to curl up in the blankets but Liam stops me. "Your windows broken, you're going to sleep in my bedroom and I will stay in here." "Are you sure?" I ask, I don't want to take his room and make him stay here to freeze. "Absolutely," he responds. 

            He wraps an arm around my shoulders and the other beneath my knees. I wince a little bit feeling the pain from my neck. We walk down the hall and he sets me in his bed. Ryker tucks me in like my parents always used to and tells me goodnight.

              Liam shuts off the light and and turns to leave but I stop him. "Liam?" "Yeah, Songbird?" "Will you stay with me?" I ask awkwardly. He doesn't say a word but he sits on the edge of the bed and looks for my okay before laying down. The dip in the mattress he creates slides me down to rest touching his side. Our bodies lay parallel and I feel the little movements of his breathing. I turn to rest my back against his chest and his arms surround me. I drift off to sleep, without a feeling of forbidding this time, knowing I will be safe with Liam. 


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