Chapter Two - The Counsil Division

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Alright! One last chapter before the reveal, Chapter Three we get all of her assignments! 

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The Plane ride to the Counsel Division wasn't very long; a half hour maybe. Along the way Maisie and I talked. We are so close and it will be hard to move away from my best friend. While Maisie is sad about my departure my mother is bursting from the seems. "We could have a wedding soon, and I could be a grandma!" She exclaims. I blush at the thought meeting my Life Partner and my future so soon. A voice comes on a crackling speaker and announces that we will be in the Counsel Division shortly. There is slight tribulation as the plane lands and all of its occupants rush off of the plane.                


After about fifteen minutes of fighting through crowds of people and gripping the hands of my younger siblings, we sit shoulder to shoulder in the gathering room.  Every citizen in Brooks Commonwealth is present today sitting and facing the platform that holds nine empty seats for Brooks Council of Directors.

 Next to me sits a girl with long black hair and olive skin. She smiles and says hi. So I greet her. "Hi, I'm Carmen Louis," I say extending my arm. "I'm Leah Parker," she smiles and shakes my hand,"I'm really nervous for my assignments today." She really didn't need to tell me, her bouncing knee said it all. I nod my head, "Now I know how my brother felt." "You have an older brother too?" She asks, "Maybe he knows my brother Liam?" Then I recognize the last name Parker. "Yeah, Liam is my brother's best friend." Seeing her confusion I clarify, "my brother is Ryker Louis." We laugh at the coincidence. 

"Hopefully we get assignments in the same place so we can be friends?" She suggests. "Definitely!" I agree. A second later a  bell sounds and the population falls silent. Men and women in black robes bearing our country's symbol file onto the platform -- The Directors. The Recreational Director speaks first. Her voice ringing out around the room."Hello and welcome to our annual census and assigning ceremony!" All the citizens clap politely. "I am Samantha Alan and as most of you know I am the Recreational Director in charge of organizing activities involving social interaction." When she finishes she steps back and the man next to her stands. 

"Hello, I am Carson Brave, the Agricultural Director. Given the task of monitoring food growth, processing, and distribution to feed all of you." Thunderous clapping follows echoing off the walls. The next person stands. "Hello, I am Liam Parker, Military Director," his voice is low and deep. He has the good looks to match. He is definitely younger than most of the other directors. Leah and I share a glance. He speaks again, "I am the man who manages all of the safety measures and defensive actions to keep Brooks Commonwealth Safe." He bears a sharp look except to send a small smile to Leah and the rest of his family beside me. The sounds of other girls my age sighing as he walks away is exceedingly apparent. But can I really blame them? He isn't bad looking.

 After Liam my brother stands. "Greetings," he says. Leave it to my brother to be so formal, "I am Ryker Louis and as the Director of Education it is my job to make sure our next generation is given all the knowledge needed for success." The adults seem to appreciate him a lot by the volume of their claps. The children send him dark looks. 

The woman next to Ryker stands stiffly. "Sharon Douglas, Director of Genealogy. I make the Life Partner matches, over see relationships, and make sure families are in good shape." She sits not letting her posture shrink. I wonder how such a cold and demeaning woman could be in charge of such personal matters. The next woman rises from her chair. After her, there was only two more directors and I silently thanked the lord for that.

 "Good day, I am Trisha Rynolds, and my duty is to be the Director of Public health. One of the reasons you are all here today." She offers a smile to the crowd. When she sits a tall, lanky man stands. "Robert Nott," He nods curtly. "As Director of Employment I will be assigning careers today and monitoring your success." Finally the last Director stands up. He is short and thick as can be. " I am Thomas Bane, Director of Population. The primary reason for you being here today is for me to get an accurate account of the population as possible. He plops into his chair and it releases and audible creak. His behavior seems to reek of distaste. There is a pause before quiet and sparse clapping sounds. 

The Director of Recreation rises again and speaks "Now is the time for our year's summary." The holoscreen clicks on and images fill the screen. The first clip shows newly renovated buildings. The next picture is of proud parents standing beside their newborns. Clips flash by of new and positive achievements. The last picture is of the previous years census and I spot myself in the corner. I wonder if I will still look the same in the years to come. "Oh! Their passing out schedules!" Leah excites beside me. Instantly my nerves kick in. "The schedules are being passed out to all the families. Please follow these through all the stations. Thank you for your patience." The Recreational Director instructs. Families rise from their seats to go to their scheduled stations. My father passes me the schedule while he and my mother gather up the family.

Louis Family

Daniel, Maria, Carmen, Maisie, Terrence, Addeline, Sean, Scott, Nevaeh

Order of stations:

Health, Education, Employment, Genealogy, Population

And the time has finally come to greet my future.


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