Chapter 31

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Allison's P.O.V

The smell of coffee makes me wake up from my sleep. I stretch out in my smallish bed and feel that nobody is beside me. Harry's gone. This reminds me of the time that Harry first was at my house, we had sex, and then we went back to his house and went into his...playroom. Ah, good and disturbing memories flood my memory. 

Memories from last night enter my mind as well. That was, intense. I'm not sure if I ever want him to do that to me again. I mean, I know my body was ready and it liked it, but I'm not sure me, myself liked it that much. It's dark...and mean. Wanting to slap someone like that for punishment? It just doesn't seem right. But of course I'm not going to say anything bad about it, we both said we'd try with each other. And that's amazing news that I don't want to ruin because in such a wimp.  

And Harry's childhood story, was interesting. I'm surprised he even let me know half of that stuff, he told me everything there is to know about him. Something tells me he doesn't do that often. But, I'm glad he did it with me, because that means he's starting to get more feelings for me, feelings he hasn't had in a while, and neither have I.  

Is it wrong to have such strong feelings for someone you've only known for a month? 

Shaking my head, I get up and rush into my bathroom, closing and locking the door. 

I grab my toothbrush and slide some toothpaste on it and sit down on the toilet, two birds one stone, ya know? After that I look at myself in the mirror, I wash my face rather quickly and brush out my hair.  

I exit my room and head downstairs, hearing talking get louder as I walk down the steps. 

"She usually sleep until about noon, unless she has work." I hear Stephanie talking to Harry. 

Work, which reminds me, I have work tomorrow at 9 AM, not looking forward to that at all. I was having such a good break away from my lovely boss.  

I walk into the kitchen and Steph is the first to see me, she gives me a raised eyebrow smile, which mainly means I have explaining to do later. Harry turns around from his chair and gives me a warm smile. 

"Morning." I say in my most cheery voice, I lift a hand and awkwardly wave it. Stephanie cocks her eyebrow at me. 

"Good morning, Allison." Harry's morning voice scratchy. 

"Morning, I would call you sleeping beauty, but that's definitely not the case." Stephanie winks at me, making Harry chuckle. I glare at her and stick a certain finger in the air at her. 

"I was just telling Harry how you like to sleep in." She says and pours herself a cup of coffee. 

"Yeah, I love and need sleep." I smile and lean against the black countertop. 

"Would you like some breakfast?" Stephe looks at Harry and says, she walks over to the fridge, "We have eggs, and bacon....and eggs. Damn, we need to go shopping." She mutters. 

"Already? We just went like, last week." 

"Yeah, well, whenever Louis comes over he kind of eats a lot." She says and keeps her head in the fridge, probably hiding her smug smile. I roll my eyes.  

"Well, Louis better have some grocery money for us then!" I say playfully, "We can go on Thursday if you want. That's when I get paid." 

"Sounds good to me," Stephanie straightens up and looks towards Harry, "Do you want anything?" 

"No thank you, I actually have a meting that I need to attend at 12:30." He says, which surprises me. 

He never tells me anything anyways. 

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