Chapter 10

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Allison's P.O.V

The sun is glaring into my eyes, making me wake up and turn over. My eyes immediately open when my nose is pressed up agasint something, Harry's chest. I scoot away, careful not to wake him, and stare at him. So he did come back to bed after I fell asleep. I smile like a maniac just thinking about it, and I'm smiling at the fact that he looks so much younger when he sleeps, not the normal business man he usually is. His mouth is slightly parted and his chest is rising up and down from him breathing.

My stomach growls and I look over Harry's shoulder at the clock, it's only 9:30. He stirs once and then loosens his arm around me. I quietly and carefully get out of the bed without waking him and walk into the kitchen. I want to make him breakfast, it's the least I could do. And I'm really good at making breakfast, it's the easiest to do.

I mix some pancake batter together and pour some into the pan on the stove. I poke at the sausage before walking over to the fridge and getting out some orange juice so I can have a glass while I wait for all of the to be done.

"You're making breakfast?" A voice startles me, I shoot straight up and look behind me, and Harry's leaning his elbows on the breakfast bar and looking at me. His hair is up and wild, like sex hair combined with bed head. It's a very attractive look for him.

"Is that okay?" I ask him, rushing over to the pancakes to flip them.

"It is, but I hate pancakes." He says in disgust, I turn my head and look at him, my stomach dropping. A smile spreads on his face and I roll my eyes, focusing on the pancakes again.

"Just joking." He says, and I hear a chair scratch the floor.

The pancakes and sausage get done in no time. I pull out two plates and fill both of them up with breakfast. I place the one plate in front of Harry and then the one in front of me, I take a seat next to him. The syrup is right in front of us, so I didn't have to search for it.

"After you, Mr. Styles." I say, and point to the syrup bottle. He grabs it on pours some on his, and then I do the same to mine.

We eat half of our breakfast in silence, I guess not knowing what to say to each other. I've never spent the night with anyone, other than Niall. But we were dating for a while. I take some pancakes into my mouth when Harry finally talks.

"How was last night for you?" He asks and I blush. Chewing my pancake.

"Last night was good," I say, not knowing what else to say.

"Are you sore?" He asks me, and I glance up at him quickly and then look back down again.


"Tell me, are you?" He asks again, I peek up at him and nod my head.

"Good, now every time you move you'll be reminded that I was there. You are mine." He says, taking a bite of his sausage, making it look as sexual as ever.

"Well, Harry, I haven't signed anything yet, so actually, I'm not yours." I tell him, giving him a proper 'Know It All' lool before looking back at my plate.

"You'll sign." He mutters to himself, but we both look at each other at the same time. Which makes us smile small smiles.

I finish the food that's on my plate and take mine and Harry's food to the sink. I hear the chair move again and in no time I feel him behind me. His hands move down my waist and palm over my butt, squeezing gently, causing me to gasp.

"Even in just my t-shirt you look sexy, and knowing you don't have a bra on either makes you even more desirable." He whispers in my ear, kissing me. I tilt my head just a little and give him more access to my neck. He kisses me harder, sucking gently as his hand moves to the front my underwear and moves lowers, over my sex.

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