Chapter 72

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Allison's P.O.V

"Allison...hey, Ali, wake up, sleepy head." 

I feel a light shoving on my shoulder as I open my eyelids, peering into the semi-light living room. I tilt my head back to see Zayn smiling down at me, I must've fallen asleep on his lap. I groan and close my eyes again, looking forward and digging my head further into Zayn's thighs.

"Let me sleep." I mumble.

"As much as I'd love to stay and have you sleep, I really need to piss." Zayn tells me, smoothing out my hair.

I take a deep breath and lift my head a bit and slide down from his thighs, resting my head on the pillow cusions. I hear him chuckle as he gets up and heads to the bathroom. I decide that maybe I should try to atleast get up, if Zayn's awake that probably means it's after noon. I open my eyes again and look around the room, blinking as I slowly get up from my laying down position. I feel my head start throbbing as soon as I stand up, just great. I walk into the kitchen and get out the asprin from the cabinet, getting two tablets for me and then laying out two for Zayn. I don't understand why you have to get punished for wanting to have fun....hangovers are the worse.

"Those for me?" Zayn asks, walking shirtless into the kitchen and pointing to the pills.

"Yes." I smile, eyes looking over his chest, "More tattoos?"

He bends his head to look down at his body and then stretches him arm out, "You know it. I can't stay away from them. I'm hoping to start another half sleeve on this arm soon, but I'm thinking it might be a little much since I already have this one a full sleeve."

"I think it looks good as is," I say, looking at his amr, "Uh, what are you going to do about this one?"

Zayn gives me a puzzled look before looking down and seeing which tattoo I'm pointing at, "Oh, uhm. I asked Steve if he could like cover her up with a sick lookin' lizard or fish or something. I don't know, I'm just gonna let him think of something. I trust him."

I nod my head and pinch my lips together, "This is why people say never get your significant other tattooed on your body! How many times did I tell you not to do it? And now look, you're spending even more money getting the thing covered up."

Zayn doesn't get mad, he just laughs and hooks an arm around my shoulder, "I know, I definitely should have listened to you. And my mom. And my, I guess everyone told me not to get it, huh?"

I nod my head and giggle, "Yeah, just about. Nobody liked her anyways....oops."

Zayn laughs, "She was awful wasn't she? Oh well, it'll be covered soon, no worries."

Zayn messes up my hair a bit before I shove him away, walking towards the fridge to see what type of food I can make for us.

"What do you want to eat? I have eggs and bacon, or we have the leftover wings from last night, and I have some thai food from the other night..." I trail off pushing past food items.

"The wings are fine, if that's okay with you." Zayn says.

I heat up the wings and hand Zayn a bottle of Pepsi before sitting at the kitchen table. While we ea we talk about everything and anything. It's like being away from each other just made us closer. We talk about being back in elementary school, and how he would always push boys down whenver they tried to talk to me. We talk about middle school, and how we always skipped Mr. Grimes class and went up on the third floor and write on the bathroom stalls, Zayn just drawing graffiti on them. We make our way into talking about high school....and I really wish I hadn't.

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