Stockholm Syndrome // h.s by gossipinggirl
Stockholm Syndrome // h.sby Blair
Stock·holm syn·drome noun feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.
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bestfriend h.s by wrecklarry
bestfriend h.sby Michelle
✘ Harry Styles ✘ Ember Jones ✘ Both childhood friends. What will happen if they fall for each other?
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HEARTLESS (re-writing) by divinelyxchaotic
HEARTLESS (re-writing)by H
One promise bonded the existence of two very dissimilar worlds into one. While one focuses on fulfilling his duties and keeping the other one alive, also, determ...
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Unintentionally   (H.S) by phoebesmellycat
Unintentionally (H.S)by phoebesmellycat
I was just enjoying my life. Then he entered my world and turned it upside down. I never wanted to fall for him because I knew that falling for him was like inviting t...
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