Chapter 36

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Harry's P.OV

I look into my rear view mirror and shove my wet hair into my gray beanie I keep in the glove compartment of this Range Rover. I notice that Louis' car is here too, he must be picking up her friend. I'm not too fond of her friend, I can already assume a nosy bitch. But, I'll deal with her for the sake of Louis and Allison. Mostly for Allison. I could give a fuck less if Louis' girlfriend hates me, but it's Allison best friend.

As I walk up to their apartment, I contemplate telling Allison that I don't want to go to this function, and we should stay in and have sex, but I dismiss the thought. It means a lot to my parents that we attend, they did organize it after all. They should be more happy if Louis goes, it's for him anyways.

When I knock on the door, Louis answers, smirking as he sees him. I return the smirk.

"Come to pick up your girlfriend?" Louis' eyebrows raise, I nod my head.

"Yep, and you?" I look down at his outfit, she must be getting ready here.

"Just waiting for Steph to get done changing." He picks his bottle of beer off of their table and takes a swig, "Want one?"

"You know I don't like beer, only wine or hard liqueur." I remind him, looking around the dull living room she lives in. I hadn't realized how much of a dump this place is. It's not bad at all, but she shouldn't be living here.

"Excited about tonight?" I ask Louis, who has to make a speech tonight.

He laughs, "No. But that's why I'm trying to get a little buzz on, little cousin."

I laugh with him. I hear footsteps and talking from the steps.

"I just, I get a bad vibe from Allison, I don't trust him." I think Stephanie is talking to Allison, but I can't see them.

When they walk on view, Allison stops and looks at me, and I do the same. Even in sweats and no make up, she still looks beautiful, I mean, she has a few pimples that she could pop, but nobody is perfect. But she's damn near it if you ask me.

"Hey Harry." The way she says my name does something to me, "Hi Louis."

"Hey Allison." Louis waves, taking another swig.

"Louis!" Stephanie says happily and she runs over and nearly causes him to fall over as she plants a kiss on him. I roll my eyes and look at Allison whose face is turned bright red.

"Do you have everything?" I motion to the bag in her hands, she looks down and nods her head, "So, are you ready to leave?"

She finally smiles, "Yeah, I am. I'll see you guys at the church, Louis you look really nice."

She compliments my cousin and I want to puke just looking at his cheeky smile.

"Why thank you, Allison. I clean up nicely, huh?" He tickles his girlfriend's sides and she doubles over in laughter.

"See you guys later." I say and start to exit her home, she follows behind me and grabs her coat off of the rack and puts it on. I take the bag from her and lean down and kiss her lips, taking her by surprise. When I pull away she's blushing, "Thought you deserved a proper greeting."

"Okay." She breathes, buttoning up her coat, not taking her eyes off me.

"Let's go." I wink and hold the door open for her, and we rush to my car trying to stay out of this freezing weather so we can be on our way to my house.

I'm buttoning up my white dress shirt and standing in my bathroom. Allison didn't want to get ready in here, she wanted to do it in her room...well old room. Which didn't bother me that much, I liked having my privacy. I've been quite acquainted with it. But I know that needs to change, I have a fucking girlfriend again. I sigh.

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