Chapter 15

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Allison's P.O.V

I gasp quietly as he looks back up at the elevator door. How can he say that and not say anything else? He's really good at this. I hug onto my stuff tightly as I watch the numbers increase on the screen, when finally the 'PH' is on it. When we reach his floor the doors opens and he motions his arm in a way to say "You first" so I walk out and over to his door. He walks beside me and punches in his lock code into the door and it clicks and he opens it. Harry holds the door open for me and I walk in and stand in the hallway, not knowing where to go.

"What you standing here for?" He asks, walking up past me and into the living area. I follow him.

"I was waiting for you." I say, looking around at this massive place again, "I don't really know it that well."

"Oh, you will." He remarks, then snaps his head to look at me, "If you agree, that is."

"We'll see." I say, my lips turning into a smile. His lips perk up a little bit into a little smile.

"Yes, we will." He says and licks his bottom lip before turning his head back towards the front. My stomach tightens and my eyes run down his back down to his butt. I giggle to myself, he has such a slender frame, and a little butt! I want to touch it, but he doesn't want me to touch him. I sigh.

We walk into the kitchen and I place my stuff on the far end of the breakfast bar and take a seat on one of the stools. Harry walks around it and over to the fridge and opens it up.

"Any preference?" He asks, bending over slightly too look at the other shelf, he's so attractive even from behind.

"It doesn't matter." I reply, still staring at his backside. He turns and looks at me, obviously catching me staring and I look away, blushing. He turns around and shakes his head.

"Salad?" He asks, holding out a bowl. I scrunch my face up.

"I hate lettuce." I say, shaking my head no.

"You hate lettuce?" He asks me, I nod my head.


"Who just hates lettuce!" He mocks me, laughing. He looks so carefree when he laughs, and it makes me happy knowing he's laughing because of me. He bends back over and places the bowl in the sink.

"I do, it's too watery." I say, watching him pick out another container.

"Okay," He drags out as he pops open the lid and nods in appreciation, "Pizza?"

"Pizza?" I ask him again, I can't picture mister big shot Harry Styles eating a big slice of pizza. I don't like pizza at all, but he looks so hopeful.

"Sausage, green peppers, and extra cheese." He smiles, "Yes? No?"

"Sure, why not." I say and shrug my shoulders. He shoots me another dashing smile and walk over to the microwave and sets it in, He pushes a couple buttons on the front and it turns on and the light comes on.

"Anything to drink?" He asks, looking back at me.

"You pick, I don't care."

He turns and opens a cabinet, which is actually a wine bar. How strange, but cool! There must be at least over 20 different wines in there. He studies some and finally pulls one out. He grabs two wine glasses and pours some wine in each, he waltzes over and hands me one glass and he raises his glass to mine.

"To something new." He says, smirking. I blush.

"To something new," I clink his glass and take a sip of this wine. It's delicious! And chilled, even better. I take another sip and there's a beeping noise.

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