Chapter 45

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Allison's P.O.V

"Okay, Andrew's clothes from American Eagle are shipping here so I can wrap them and stuff, and so is that new Call of Duty game he's been asking for. Dad just wanted a couple more weights for his gym in the basement, so they should be shipping back home. Zayn's car stuff is getting shipped to his house, because I don't think I'll be able to wrap seat covers and new lights." I giggle, "Now all I need is you, Louis, Harry's parents, and Harry." I sigh deeply and set my labtop on the table, closing it.

"Alli, you don't have to get me anything." Stephanie tells me, her eyes glued to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I frown.

"Yes, I do. You got me something, and it'swrapped under the tree right now. I'm getting you something." I tell her, and look towards the TV, "Why do you watch this?"

"Because it's hilarious." Stephanie sticks her tongue out at me, "Don't you like the Kardashians?"

"Not really, I mean I like Kourtney and Khloe, and Scott is really hot. But that's it." I explain, "They're all just..dumb."

"Exactly why I watch it, it's funny." She looks down at her phone, "Aren't you going over to Harry's tonight?"

"Yeah, I should get going." I get up from the couch.

"Doesn't he usually come pick you up?"

"Yeah, but I told him I'd just drive to his house, no big deal." I shrug and head upstairs.

Actually, it was a big deal for some reason. I texted Harry to tell him I would drive to his house, so I could actually learn how to get their on my own, and he threw the biggest fit. He fought me on that for about a half hour, saying how I was going to get lost, and he didn't want that to happen. But rest assured, I told him I had a GPS on my phone, and if I did get lost I would never drive to his house again. He finally agreed to let me drive my own car. He worries to much, I am going to be fine. I've been driving ever since I was 16. It was even easy to learn driving over here, it came very natural to me.
I'm just a bomb ass driver.

Once inside my room I reach into the dresser drawer and pull out a piece of paper. I unfold the crinkled up paper and read over the words I've had memerized ever since I was 8. It's a letter my mom had wrote me right before she died. I've kept it ever since, trying my best not to ruin it. It's the second thing I have left of her, after my dad had a meltdown one year and threw everything of hers away. I have this letter, and I have her wedding ring, which is in my jewerly box. I stick the letter into my purse and leave my room again. My phone starts ringing as I reach the bottom of the staircase.

"Hello?" I answer, putting on my jacket.

"Did you get my address? I texted it to you." Harry's stern voice comes through the phone and I giggle.

"Yes, Harry I did. Don't worry, I'll be fine driving." I say and slip on my boots, "Stop worrying."

"Worrying is what I do best. Be careful, Allison." He says and hangs up the phone. I smile and shove it in my purse.

"Bye Steph!" I wave and open the front door.


She calls back and I head out of the apartment and head to my Focus, which I really need to trade it in soon. It's getting pretty bad.
I get out my GPS on my phone and plug in Harry's address and place it up on my lap. I put my car in drive and start down the street to Harry's house.


The drive to Harry's house did not take long at all, mostly becaue I drive ten over the speed limit, so it was pretty quick. I park my car a couple spots away from Harry's and lock the doors. I rush into his building and decide to take the stairs instead of wait for the elevator, I'm really excited to get my tattoo done. I walk onto Harry's floor and stand in front of his door and knock three times. I wait, not long, until someone opens the door.

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