Chapter 23

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Allison's P.O.V 


"I'm at work, but my break is at 12:00, do you want to have lunch or go to Starbucks?" Liam asks me, I turn the water on for the shower and adjust the heat so it's just hot enough for me. 

"You know if you offer Starbucks I can't resist," I laugh, "Starbucks sounds good." 

"Great! Do you want to meet there or?" He asks, trailing off his sentence. 

Now that I think of it, I don't have a car. 

"Could you pick me up? I don't have my car." I say and start taking off my pants, holding the phone between my ear and shoulder. 

"Where are you?" He asks me, I bite my lip. 

"Harry's house." I mutter, feeling embarrassed. 

"You're at Harry's flat? You spent the night?" He asks, obviously shocked. 

"Yeah, I did." I say and stifle a laugh, "I'll text you the directions." 

"Fine. Are you alright?" He asks me. 


"Yeah, I'm fine." I say, trying to sound truthful. 

"Alright, Allison, I'll pick you up around 12:30, okay?" He says. 

"Alright, bye." I say and hang up the phone and set it on the bathroom counter. I open up Pandora and turn on my 'Metro Station' station. 

I lift my shirt over my head and lay it on the floor. I look at my reflection in the mirror which is covered in a thin layer of steam from the shower. With a sigh, I walk on over to the shower and step in and let the hot droplets of water cascade down my body. 

I stare at the closet of in front of me that is filled with clothes that are meant for me to wear. I'm still in my towel from my shower, but my make up is done and my hair is dry and straightened. This is ridiculous. It has almost the amount of clothes I have back at my house, but of course these clothes are more expensive. I'm just going out for Starbucks, I don't need a dress or anything. I look over to the right with all of the shirts and I see a long gray, almost sweatshirt type shirt hanging up. I take it out of the closet and examine it, it's cute. Plain and simple. It will go with my black jacket I have here. I would just wear my clothes from the other night, but I think that would be a little gross. 

I lay the sweatshirt on the bed next to the pair of jeans that I picked out from the drawer. There's a knock on my door and my head whips behind me as it opens up. Harry walks in and his head his down, messing with his hair. I look down and admire him, gray dress pants, white button up, gray blazer jacket. Such a hot business man. I look down and remember I'm still in a towel and hug it tighter around me, my arms crossing at my chest. He looks up as his hand moves his hair to the top of his head and he stops and stares. I look away as my shyness kicks in. 

"I see you've showered." He says, his eyes scan down my body and his sly smile is very visible. I blush. 

"Yeah, I did. It's a nice bathroom." I blurt out, my eyebrows creasing as I scold myself for being such a moron. 

"Thanks," He says and laughs, he looks over and see's the closet door is open, "Taking a liking to the clothes?" He asks, pointing. I shrug my shoulders. 

"I needed to wear something new to go out in, I didn't want to wear my clothes from the club." I say and look back at the bed, hinting at the gray sweatshirt. 

"You're going out?" He asks, leaning agasint the wall, I nod my head. 

"Liam and I are going to Starbucks, he's picking me up." I say and walk over to my phone and skip the song that's playing, Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard starts playing. 

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