Chapter 4

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Allison's P.O.V

"Christ, this outfit sucks."

I murmur to myself as I rip yet another dress off of my body. I hate dressing up, I don't have anything dressy. I don't even know what I should be wearing anyways! Are we going to Taco Bell, or some high-end place with valet parking?? I don't even know, I can feel the gray in my hair coming out already. I look at my already done make up and hair. My hair is let loose, letting the small waves cascade down my back, and my make up is done.

I stare at my reflection one more time until getting an idea.


I rush into her room and go into her closet. I look through all of her beautiful cocktail dress and pick out a deep purple one. I slide it over my white lace bra and matching panties and feel as it clings to my body. I must say, I look pretty darn hot. I slide on some silver 4 inch heels and leave Steph's room.

As I enter the living room Stephanie is typing away on her Macbook Pro on the love seat. She looks up and she gasps.

"What?" I mutter, looking down at myself, "Is this not good?"

"Look at you Ally! Oh my god!" She breathes and stands up, laughing a little, "You look hot!"

"Yeah right, Steph." I wave her off and grab my purse on the end table and start rummaging through it.

"No! I'm serious! He's definitely gonna rub his hands all over you tonight!" She says and slaps my butt. I turn around and glare at her.

"I've only just met him! I'm not having sex with him!" I shake my head and sling my purse over my shoulder. I look at the clock and see that it's 6:30.

"He probably won't even-" And just as I'm finishing my sentence there's a knock on the door. I freeze and look at Steph. She smiles widely at me.

"Go get it!" She says and pushes me towards the door.

I take a deep breathe before unlocking the door and opening it.

"Good evening, Miss Carter." And I'm greeted by all 6'1 of him. He's dressed in an all gray suit with a white undershirt. He smells like something really expensive. His curls are pushed up and over to the side of his face. He looks so.. Hot.

"Hi." I whisper, taking in all of him. I look down at my dress again, second guessing myself. As I look up he's doing the same thing, looking me up and down. My stomach tightens as his jaw clenches when he looks back into my eyes.

"Shall we go? Daron is waiting." He says moves away from the door a little. I nod my head and leave my house, closing the door to an anxious looking Stephanie peering out of the window. We reach the black Mercedes and an older man with a buzz cut comes out and opens the door for us.

"Thanks." I smile to him, he nods his head and gives me a little smile.

I scoot in the car and Harry slides in next to me. The contact of my thighs against his legs his making me so nervous. I smell his scent again and I'm overwhelmed. I'm going out to dinner with one of the most attractive men in Manchester, how could I be so lucky?

"We're going to Le Belle Avichi, I hope that's okay?" He asks me, staring down at me. I look up at him and I'm taken away from his beautifully sculpted face. I nod shyly and he looks back up. I let out a breath I've been holding in for forever and look down at my knotted hands in my lap.

"You're American?" He asks me, I'm shocked that he asked.

"Yeah." I answer, looking out of the window.

"How'd you end up over here in the UK?" He asks again.

"Oh.. Er." I can't say that my ex boyfriend is loco crazy and I flew over here with Steph to get away from him, "I heard the Journalism internships over here were exquisite."

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