Chapter 80

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Harry's P.O.V

I haven't felt this angry and scared and ready to kill someone in a while. I didn't feel this angry when Tate kissed Allison at that god damned club. But this is different. I know that fucking son of a bitch is inside her house, alone with her, and he's probably taking advantage of her.

My fist pounds down on the steering wheel as I just think about the things he could be possibly saying and doing to her. It makes me sick. If Allison would have just fucking listened to me and not have stayed at her house then this would have never even have happened! God, she's so stupid and naive. Always trying to see the good in everything. How the hell did he even find out where she lives? All of these questions are making my damned head hurt and I need to punch someone.

More than likely punch Niall...maybe even a few times.

Fuck that, I'm drawing blood.

I finally pull onto Allison's street and I see Liam standing outside of his car on the road. My tires screech against the road as I pull up behind his car and halt to a stop. He jogs over to the drivers side and waits for me to get out.

"Where is she?" Is the first thing I ask him, not wasting anytime to look both ways before crossing the street to get to her flat.

"She's still in there, I tried knocking on the door and going inside after you called me, but I couldn't get in. The door is locked," He explains, a scowl on his face, "I've called the police though, they're on there way."

"How the fuck is he even here right now?" I ask, fumbling around in my pocket for my keys.

"I guess Zayn came up to visit her, and Niall tagged along. Said he wanted to see her or summat. I told her not to let him come....this is all my fault. If I would have just had her stay at my flat with Sophia and I-"

"Don't blame yourself, Liam. This is nowhere near your fault. I shouldn't have went away to Glasgow." I say, finally finding the silver key that was made for Allison's flat.

"I just.. I'm worried. You should have seen her face, Harry, I didn't know what to do." Liam says, a frown now forming.

Anger bubbles up even more inside of me as I think about Allison with bruises all over her face. I want to rip his fucking throat out.

"Stay out here and wait for the cops, okay?" I tell him, not taking no for an answer.
He seems to notice my hardened expression because he nods his head once and rushes back towards his car, pulling his phone out again.

I rip my trench coat off of me and lay it down on the steps as I walk up to her door. I don't even knock, or try to be sneaky about it. I first try the handle, even though Liam said it isn't unlocked. It jiggles, but she has the push lock on. I take the key and push it into the door. I twist the key and it clicks open, my heart starts beating faster when I turn the knob and push the door open. The door hits the wall as I rush into her flat. My eyes dart around her walk-in room and I find no one.

"Allison!" I yell, my voice echoing through the home.


I run into the dining room, and my fist immediately clench. The couch pillows are thrown everywhere, even the couch cushions, and the lamp she usually has on her nightstand has fallen to the ground. I peel my body away from this scene and move into the kitchen. Nothing in here seems to be out of place. I rush to the drawers and pull them open until I find where she has the silverware. All of the knives are here, even the big one, so she didn't grab any weapon.

I kind of wish she had.

"Allison, I know you're here baby!" I yell again, trying to hear any type of whimper or struggle or anything.

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