Chapter 65

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Allison's P.O.V

After I left Harry's last night I didn't speak to him. I had tried calling him after I got off work, but he didn't answer. So, I decided on just coming back to my own apartment, I didn't want to bother him since it's obvious he didn't want to see me. So, it was a pretty long and boring night for me. I talked to Zayn on the phone until I was almost passed out on the couch, but I made it off the phone an in bed before I actually fell asleep. so now, I'm standing in front of the mirror applying my make up on as I get ready to go down to the stupid police department.

My stomach has been in knots this whole morning as soon as I opened my eyes. I really don't want to go down and answer any type of questions. I'm not the confirmational type of person when it comes to this stuff...well any stuff actually. If Tate is going to be there then it's going to make everything 10 times worse for me. As much as I appreciate Harry's parents for not over reacting about this whole thing, they should have just stayed out of if and not called the authorities.

My phone starts vibrating on the counter and I look down at who is calling me, it's Harry. My stomach flips in my stomach as I answer the phone.


"I just pulled up in front of your apartment, are you ready now or should I come inside?" He asks me, and I head out of my bedroom.

"No, you can come in, I'm going to the door now." I tell him, and we say our goodbyes.

I open my door and walk out on the steps. I watch Harry climb out of his black Range Rover and he quickly walks up to where I am. He's dressed in all black, except for pale blue plaid shirt that's underneath his jacket, and his shoes which are a suede tan color. The fedora he's wearing his a cream color, I've never seen him in a fedora's different. I move out of the way so he can walk in and I close the door behind me. He gives me a quick look over before stopping at my eyes.

"You look really nice today." He says quietly, and I can feel my cheeks redden.

"Thanks, I only have make up on one eye right now, but thank you." I smile slightly before walking into my apartment and him following behind me.

He follows me up the steps and into my room, he sits down on my desk and turns his chair so he's looking into the bathroom. I don't know why I feel so nervous right now with him being here. Maybe it's because of what's been going on these past couple days...I just wish it would end already.

"Are you nervous?" Harry asks, and I shrug my shoulders.

"Kind of, I don't like this kind of stuff." I tell him, applying mascara to my other eye now.

"I'll be right there, it'll be okay." He reminds me, and I nod my head.

"I know." I say and take a deep breath, I look at myself one more and took the sheer read top into the part front of my dark jeans. I pull my hair into a high tight bun and start pinning it and hair spraying it in all the right places. I hear Harry get up from the chair and he walks into the bathroom and stands behind me. I lock eyes with him through the mirror and he frowns, he puts his hands on my hips and pulls me closer to him. I put the last bobby pin in my hair and let my arms fall to my sides. We stand there staring at each other for a couple seconds before he speaks.

"I'm sorry for making you leave like that yesterday, it's just.. I never know what to say in these types of situations. I guess I just over think myself and let the worse get to me," He says, bringing his lips to the back of my head and kissing me, "It's just.. I hate making you sad. I can't stand it. So, everytime I do I down myself more and more, thinking that I don't deserve you. I don't know why I do it, but I do it...a lot."

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