Chapter 6

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Allison's P.O.V

I wake up the next morning in an overly sized bed, I peek my eyes open and the lights hurt my eyes. I groan, and cover the blankets over my head. Wait...this doesn't feel like my comforter? I open my eyes and the sheets are white, mine are blue! I sit straight up, ignoring the pain that's pounding inside my eyeballs and head. I look around and this room that I'm in, looks like some sort of fancy hotel room? What happened last night? I try to think back but I don't remember anything, everything is a blur. I do remember calling Harry- Harry! He punched that weird guy in the face last night. So how did I end up here. I throw the covers off of me and see that I'm in a black t-shirt, oh my god, did we...sleep together!? My head starts pounding even more as I try to remember what happened. I hear the door unlock and open, I throw the blankets over me again.

Harry walks in and he's rubbing a white shirt over his wet hair, and his black sweatpants are barely hugging onto his body...he looks sexy. I think I like Harry all sweaty and hot. I've never noticed how many tattoos he has. He has a huge butterfly over his stomach, and two birds on his chest, his arm is covered in little tattoos everywhere.

"Admiring the view?" He smirks at me, I blush and look back down at my hands.

"No, I.. Uh. I didn't realize you had so many tattoos." I murmur, putting some hair behind my hair as I look up at him, he laughs.

"What, you don't like?" He jokes with me, I giggle.

"No, I just didn't know. For a man with as much money and such a professional job, I didn't know." I try to say without staring at his stomach again.

"That's because I'm always wearing a button up or a jumper." He says, sitting down on the edge of the bed. Alright, I have to ask. I'm not only wearing a t-shirt for no reason.

"Uhm, what happened last night?" I ask him, his jaw tenses.

"You don't remember?" He asks me, I shake my head.

"You were shit-faced drunk and called me. I was coming to get you when some fucker had his hands on you, getting ready to take advantage of you, one thing lead to another but he left." He explains, I love the way his mouth moves as he talks, "And then you passed out, I brought you here."

"And you undressed me?" I ask him shyly, he smirks.

"Yes, Allison, I did." My stomach turns.

"Did we..?" I ask him, to embarrassed to finish the sentence.

He laughs, "No, Allison, we didn't have sex. You were passed out, why would I have sex with someone who can't respond or enjoy it either?" I bluish, so he has had sex before...

Well duh, Allison, just look at him! He's a freaking sex god!

"I'm going to take a shower, the breakfast should be here soon, I ordered a lot because I didn't know what you liked.." He says the last part quietly, rubbing the back of his neck. Harry Styles is going to be naked, in the room right beside me, I don't think I can breathe. I stare at him as he watches me.

"Are you alright, Allison?" He asks me, I shake my head and mutter a small 'mhm'. He nods his head curtly and walks into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

I slam down on the bed, my head hitting the pillow, letting out a huge sigh. I can't believe this is happening to me, just last night I was curled on my own bed, eating popcorn, watching The Notebook, and now, I'm laying in a hotel room that Harry probably slept in with me last night. There's not a couch here, unless he slept on the floor? But I doubt that, he's to rich to even think about it. I'm a little bummed out that we didn't have sex last night, but then again, I'm okay with it because it would have been a lot of explaining to Steph.

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