Chapter 58

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Allison's P.O.V

I put on some slippers and walk down the hall, knocking twice on Steph's bedroom door before I hear her say I could come in. When I walk in and look around I see a bunch of her clothes layed out on the bed and a couple open boxes with things in them. I look at Steph who frowns at me as I take her in messy room.

"Why are all of your clothes out?" I ask, pointing to the pile.

She frowns even more and looks at her fingers, "Alli, we need to talk."

"That's why I'm here." I smile a little, giggling, "What's up?"

"Allison," She takes in a deep breath, "I'm moving back Ohio."

My mouth falls open as I stare at her. Did she just say what I think she just said?

"You're joking right?" I ask, dumbfounded, I walk towards her some more, "You're not moving back home."

She nods her had slowly, "I am, Allison. I'm going back home on Saturday."

"But that's in two days!" I almost laugh, "That's a day before New Years! I don't understand, why are you going back home?"

"I just.. I'm not myself anymore. I've messed up a lot since I've been here, and I'm not happy." Her chin trembles and she shakes her head and continues packing.

"I don't get it. You're just gonna leave? You're leaving me here by myself? You can't move back home, Steph." I say, getting emotional as I watch her fill up boxes.

"Alli, you can now move in with Harry. I know I've been holding you back, so now you can finally do it. I know it's because of me, now you can." She sadly smiles at me, but I continue to frown.

"That's not why I was moving in with him. You know that. I live with you." I point to her room, "This is all so sudden, you have no where to go Stephanie-"

"I talked to my mom, Allison. We're on good terms now, and she said I could come back and move in with her." She tells me, and I shake my head, not believing any of this.

"So you're just gonna up and leave like that?" I ask, getting a little angry, "I can't believe your telling me this now."

"I just found out I was moving back home two days ago. I was thinking about it, and then when Louis and I broke up, I decided to make it official." she shrugs, and I smack my lips.

"So because you and Louis broke up your going to go home? You can't just run away from your problems." I yell at her, and she nods her head.

"I know I can't, but this time I have too. Look at us, you're not even sad that I'm leaving." Her eyes begin to water as she looks at me, and I btie down on my lip. I hadn't noticed that I wasn't sad or anything.

"Stephanie, I am sad-"

"No, trust me Alli, I know you. You're still pissed about me and Andrew, and I totally get that. I would be mad at me too. But, I can't stay here with you hating me, and I defintely can't stay here with Louis hating me either. I've changed for the worse Allison, and I need to go home and figure out myself again. I would have never cheated on my boyfriend with my bestfriends little brother months ago, that's saying something about. I've messes up so many things being here, that I just need to go home, Alli. And now that my mom is talking to me again, I feel like I need to go home for her too." She explains, tears spilling from her eyes, "I'm sorry that I've ruined our friendship, and I hope one day it will go back to how it was before. In order for that to happen, I need to go home."

I hadn't noticed the own tears spilling from my eyes as I walk towards her and give her a huge hug, pulling her tightly to me as we both laugh and sob at the same time. No matter what, this girl is my bestfriend. And seeing her move out is really sad, I never wanted that to happen. We were supposed to start this adventure together. But Steph is right, she hasn't been acting like herself, and our friendship right now isn't on the greatest terms. We pull away from each other and smile as we wipe away our cheeks.

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