Chapter 64

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Allison's P.O.V

When I wake up the next morning, I'm freezing. It seems that either Harry took all of the covers last night, or I got too hot and pushed them off of me. Whatever the case, I'm freezing now and I don't waste anytime in pulling the covers back over me. When I do, I realize that there isn't any weight from stopping the blankets to fly over and across me. I scrunch my eyebrows together and roll over to the other side, and I'm met with Harry's side being completely empty. I reach out and touch the messed up bedsheet, and it's cold. Meaning that if he just got up it would have been warm, but it's cold now so he's been up for a while. I decide that maybe it is time to get up, I glance at the clock and see that it's 11:45. I get up and head to the bathroom, doing major cleaning because I missed out on doing it last night.

When I'm finished I walk out of the bathroom and into his, well our, closet. I pick out the least expensive pair of pajama's he's seem to have bought me and put it on. It's a sweat suit from Victoria's Secret and it's incredibly comfortable. I flip my head over and pile my hair into a ponytail, twisting it until it's in some what of a knot on top of my head. When I exit the bedroom the first thing I smell is food cooking, and I instantely become nautious. Memories of last night flood into my mind and I realize that I'm not ready to see Harry and talk to him about this. When the kitchen is in view I see that it's Vicki workign at the stove, not Harry. I relax a little bit and walk towards the breakfast bar.

"Good morning, Ms. Donald," I say kind of quietly, wuickly lookign around the flat for signs of Harry. She turns around and she opens her mouth and walks away from the stove and over to me, welcoming me into a huge hug.

"Oh my goodness, Ms. Carter, are you alright?" She asks me, and I'm momentarily confused but the I remember she probably heard about the Tate incident, "Harry's face looks horrible! Lemme look at ya, did that bastard- man do anything to you?"

She holds me at arms lengths and I smile, almost sadly, "No, no. I'm okay, thank you. More worried about Harry."

"That boy," She tuts her lips and walks back over to the stove, "Ya know, I don't blame him for fighting the boy, but really. He's a business man, he can't keep going into work looking like that."

"Yeah, I tried telling him that." I say, trying to keep the energy light and not seem like I'm upset, "But of course, he doesn't listen."

"He's been on the phone for the last hour or so, talking to the police," She says, and my eyes widen.

"He called the police?" I ask, and she turns around with a frown on her face.

"Was he not going too?" She asks me, and I just shrug my shoulders, "He's been on the balcony with his father, he's walked in a few times, angry. Very angry, but of course, I didn't ask any questions."

What? "Mr. Styles is here too?"

"Yes ma'am," She says and eyes me wearly, "Are you okay, Ms. Carter?"

"Yes, uhm. Fine." I fumble, the chair makes a scratch against the floor as I get up from the metal bar stool, "I'm just going to take a shower now."

She looks back at whatever is cooking on the stove, "Alright dear, lunch will be done shortly. Mr. Styles was famished, asked me if I could cook him something before he went off to work."

"Thanks." I smile and rush towards Harry's bedroom, shutting the door and leaning against it.

Okay, Allison, breathe....just breathe. This is a good thing, yeah? That Mr. Styles is here, that means that you and Harry won't be alone for a long period of time, and maybe you could just wait to talk about things. I look towards his dresser and see Buddy's fish tank, I decide to feed him. I shake some flakes into his bowl and watch as he swims up to the top to eat some.

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