Chapter 76

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Harry's P.O.V

I wipe my hands on my pants as I sit awkwardly on this windowsill inside of this small building. I've been waiting here for what feels like fucking forever....take it's only been a couple hours, it still feels like so much longer when you're just sitting here staring at everyone and everything. Nothing to do. I turn my gaze from my thighs up to the employee who is playing with my device in his hands, forehead furrowing as he shakes his head. I sigh loudly and lean my head back against the cold window.

I've been without my phone for at least two days now, and I'm going insane. It's not even the fact that I'm without a phone during an important business trip, I could give two shits about that. But it's the fact that I haven't gotten to talk to Allison, that's the part that's killing me. She probably thinks I'm mad at her for hanging out with Zayn the other night or something, I can't even imagine how worried she might be. Well, that's even if she's worried about me in the first place. I have to keep reminding myself that just because I'm a worried asshole of a boyfriend doesn't mean she's a worried asshole of girlfriend.

"Er, Mr. Styles?" 

I move my head down so I'm looking at the Verizon employee handling my phone. He has my black iPhone in his hands. I stand up from sitting down and look down at him, I must tower over him about a whole 2 heads, poor little guy.

"Uhm," He clears his throat and holds the phone out, "I wasn't able to fix your old phone, there was a glitch inside the phone due to technical issues, so I was able to get this one and back everything from your old phone on to this one. Contacts, notes, apps, pictures, everything that was on that phone is on this one."

I take the phone out of his hand and it immediately starts beeping with new text messages and emails. Even a couple of missed calls and voice mails come up to.

"Thank you, nearly saved my life you did." I give him a tight smile and we walk towards the desk he was just working on.

"Sorry it was taking so long, I thought I would be able to get the glitch out myself." He types away on the computer as I start going through my e-mails, deleting the ones I don't care to read, keeping the important ones to read while I'm at the hotel tonight, "So, your Apple Care took care of the charge of the iPhone and the handling of it, so if you just sign here, then you are good to go, Mr. Styles."

He hands me over the iPad and has me sign it with my finger. It must be the most awful signature I have ever written in my entire life.

"Thanks." I hold the phone up as I say a goodbye and leave the store.

I get into my Range Rover and buckle my seat belt, I plug my phone into the charging port and then I plug in my AUX chord so I can listen to my voice mails through the speakers of my car instead of trying to handle it against my shoulder while I drive. I'm only a half hour away from the hotel anyways, maybe I can listen to some Springsteen on my music when I'm done listening to the voice mails. I dial the number and listen to the automated voice come through the speakers.

"You have 3 new messages, and no old messages. First message received on January 12th, 2014 at 10:56 A.M:

Harold, it's Gemma, your lovely sister whom you love very much. Turner has to go on a golfing outing with the men from his work in a week and he was wondering if he could borrow your golf clubs and your bag and all that....did I mention you love me very much? Call me back as soon as you can."

I roll my eyes and wait for the message to get skipped over. I'll have to give her a call and let her know it's okay that he uses my golfing equipment....just if he ruins it then I'll be obligated to kick his ass. Fair enough deal, right?

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