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This is one of the scenes I plan on putting into the book when I take it to a publisher. It's meant to be dark, disturbing and creepy. That said, I hope it gives you an insight to the character of Stuart and helps to make the danger of the situation all the more gripping for you :D

You guys earned this and so much more :D


It was all her fault, he knew it and the fact that finally, today he would get his revenge filled the empty part of his soul. Stuart had been following the news, more interested in finding out where that harlot was now than the ruins that was his family's reputation. Everyone knew now the things he had done to her, and the fact that they all knew had only increased the painful presence of his frustrated lust. She was his to use and destroy, and knowing that everyone knew she was a victim now just made his body shake with need. Soon he would have her back, and the pamphlet to her high school Gala was just the sign he'd needed.

Now. Tonight, he would take her back into his possession, and then kill her once and for all. The thoguht of what it would be like to hear her scream one last time was enough for him to need a cold shower in the worst way.


Stuart's jaw was clenched so tight he'd hear a pop and felt pain, and yet he still couldn't relax his angry scowl. Those idiots had drawn some stupid heart on his face, which he'd promtly scrubbed off, knowing that he wanted noting associating him with these pathetic sheep around him. He was above them, better than they could ever hope to be. They were all shackled by the petty restraints of 'society approved behaviour'. Fools, only the strong survived, and it was their job to thin the herds, take what they want because they deserved it. Might makes right, a fact that the whore Alice hadn't gotten beaten into her head enough it seemed.

Because there she was, dancing on the stage as if she had every right to be there. She belonged on the floor, bleeding and seeping his fluids like always. He stroked the rigid outline of the knife sheath hidding under his clothes, whispering silent promises to himself about the many different ways he could hurt her without killing her. After she had gone to the police and they finally believed her, Stuart's life had all but ended. His family was shunned, losing their jobs, being told to move out of the neighborhood by their lifelong friends and the cops had come for Stuart. He'd had to flee his home, his apartment and his school. Not that he had really cared about any of that, but now he was forced into squatting in an abandoned factory and filled his days with looking at library books on torture. He wanted to expand his repetoire for when he had her in his possession again. The rest of his time had been spent trying to get her alone, but there was always someone around her!

Even here, where the crowds protected him for being noticed, he'd found no way to get to her backstage. He was just going to have to wait until she wandered away from the herd, vulnerable without the numbers to protect her. It would only take a second, then he could have her locked in the bathroom down the hall, the sounds of the crowds would muffle her screams and he had a ball gag in his pocket to ensure that any sounds she made would only be heard by him. He wanted to record the sounds of her dying screams.

He smiled darkly to himself as he slipped out of the crowds and waited for her to f*** up, she was too stupid not to. His confidence grew as it was obvious that it never occured to her that since the school was open to the public today, so no one had thought to secure the hallways properly. She was walking towards the girls bathroom when he decided to make his move and pressed a his new hunting knife to her neck. "Move." Stuart growled at her and dragged in the smell of her sweat and fear with a deep sniff of her hair. "Make a sound and I'll slit your throat like a sacrifical lamb." he warned softly, pushing her into the girls bathroom, out of sight.

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