Midnight crawled around and Salali still hadn't come home. Alice worried a bit, but since she didn't even have the large woman's cell phone number, there wasn't much she could do to settle her unease. She kept flicking her phone open to text Malcolm and ask him to give her Salali's number, but then closing it when she remembered that he would probably still be busy with Shawna. Refusing to ruminate on that fact, Alice walked into the bathroom and stared at her hair in the mirror. She wasn't a girly-girl, but knowing that her friends would see her in 'real clothes' made her want to look good. She knew she could look sexy, but she also wanted to look classy now that she wasn't a stripper. It was a little gratifying to say that to herself.

"I am no longer a stripper. I choose when I want to be sexy and when I want to be classy." she said to her reflection in the mirror. She fiddled with her hair for a while longer and still was no closer to figuring it out when she heard someone banging at the door.

There was no convinent spy hole or window to peer out of, so Alice grabbed a kitchen knife and cautiously opened the door. Salali tumbled in the door, face drenched with tears while she muttered in a language Alice didn't understand. The large woman swayed a little and Ace grabbed her by the arm and carefully guided her inside and to the couch. That's as far as Salali made it, before she toppled to the couch with a groan and a sob. The large Native curled up as much as she was able and Alice didn't know what to do to help.

"Salali, talk to me. What's wrong?" she asked, findind a miniscule perch on the couch arm that let her lean over the bulky woman and give an awkward hug pat to her.

Salali just kept rambling in her native tongue, tears streaming down her face. Ace dodged to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water. But of course Salali didn't drink it. Frantic with confused worry, Alice texted Mal without even thinking that he might be busy.

Something's wrong with Sal. She's sobbing and talking Native and won't acknowledge me.

While she waited for Mal to text back she just sat near the other woman and tried to comfort her. It's rather hard to do when you have no idea what was wrong in the first place, but having nothing better to do, Alice gave it a try.

Cn't hlp rgt now. W Shawna. Get Sal tlkin eng.  Malcolm texted back. Alice felt her frayed patience snap.

Climb off your girlfriend and come help your friend. If she doesn't get that then she's not your girlfriend she's you master. Tried talking, hugging, water, slapping and offering to buy a pony. Im not an idiot, I need your HELP.

She chucked the phone down and went back over to try and console the still sobbing woman. "Salali please. Tell me what's wrong. I'll cry with you, we'll eat ice cream and watch the Notebook just to make it a really good boohoo ok? But you have to talk to me, please?" she begged, once again wishing she knew the larger woman better. It would scandalize some to think that they'd become house mates after knowing each other less than a day. But even so they'd generally gotten along amazingly. Until now.

Alice huffed at herself, trying to think of any solution and coming up with nothing. She'd put on the tv earlier but Salali hadn't even opened her eyes to look at it, music did nothing, talking did nothing. Hell Alice was tempted to try food. Maybe baked goods were the answer, so she ran to the kitchen to see if there was anything she could bake. Nothing, Salali pretty much lived on fast food, not hard to believe when she had 50 inch or more waistline.

The door was flung open and banged against the wall behind it. Alice jumped and whirled, ready to defend her friend and home with the pitiful kitchen knife. Malcolm looked furious. His eyes were angry, his body language was harsh and stiff, like he was trying not the lash out and his jaw was clenched tight. He didn't say anything to Alice, and that was fine with her, she wasnt too pleased with him right now either. Mal closed the door more carefully than he'd opened it and walked over to the couch to see Salali. The large Native woman hadn't even moved for the aggressive enterance and he frowned down at her. She'd stopped saying the strange language clearly, instead whispering something over and over to herself.

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