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Having a busted hand did absolutely NOTHING to help Alice deal with the fallout her life had become. The reporter that had spurred her outburst and led to the mirror punching incident was just the first of many. Salali was complaining that her phone was constantly ringing, everyone mobbed her outside to try and get answers to any question they could shout at her. The one piece of luck that Alice was granted, the officer who's book had been given to the media had not known she was now living with Malcolm. Or if he had known, hadn't written it down in that book.

Even with that bit of space granted, Alice had to deal with reporters trying to surround her after school and get the first 'scoop' of her statement. A few more managed to sneak into the school to harass her in the halls, but that quickly stopped after Mr. Bottomswell enforced a visible student card rule. Now all students wore their id on a tag around their neck, and the reporters didn't know that yet. So anyone without an id was taken to the principal's office to verify their identity. Students would be given a red badge, and undercover reporters would be handed over to the police for trespassing.

The students of the school were having a field day with all the celebrity their school was getting out of this though. Reporters that could get nothing out of Alice or her friends were still finding pleanty of answers from other students. Most of them knew nothing, but several of the students remembered Alice being attacked by those three boys earlier and every version of the story out there was aired. It was almost inevitable that they latched onto the idea of West being her hero, and thusly her secret lover. The poor boy was pestered almost as much as she was, and he never outright denied it, knowing that if people thought she was with him, they wouldn't notice that both students were sleeping with teachers and not each other.

And time dragged by. Everyday Alice had to wake up with the feeling of dread in her gut, making her constantly feel sick. The eyes staring at her, the whispers. It had died down a little, but the constant media frenzy around her refused to let people get over it already. Alice's hand healed, a pale scar the only reminder she had to the costs of loosing her cool. April passed by in a flurry of rainstorms and increasing panic as the senior students realized that there was exactly 2 months left before they left the safety of highschool forever. She had received an early acceptance letter from the University of Guelph to persue her studies in animal care and medicine. Salali had continued to teach her all the traditional methods from her Native culture, and Alice was finally getting a delayed education in her own ancestry. And Monster had put on the ten pounds she had lost. He was starting to build a more mature musculature and now looked intimidating as h***.

Alice was staring at herself in the mirror, trying not to get jabbed by an elbow as everyone crowded around, trying to get their stage makeup on. It was time for the Gala. Months of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and vomit had all come down to this. Alice swiped the last of her makeup on and got out of everyone's way.

"Nobody likes you. They all hate you. The show is going to suck. Smile you nervous wreck." she said to herself, smiling and gritting her teeth at the same time.

"You ready for this?" West asked, dropping his arm over her shoulders like always.

Alice turned to give him a smart responce and instead dashed to the garbage can to throw up. From the contents of the bin she could tell that other students had nerves too, her upchuck had company.

"I'm guessing that's a no." West laughed, handing her a napkin. "You know it's not too late to run away with me." he suggested with a wink.

Alice gave a soft laugh. "For once that actually sounds good." she teased.

"Yeah but dealing with Reaper once he caught up would suck." West informed mournfully.

Alice smiled at the mention of her fiancee. "D*** straight. That man would hunt me down like the predator does alien. His favourite words are 'found you.'" she laughed, grateful to ehr best friend for distrating her.

On the other side of the stage the band started to play, welcoming the guests in. Her stomach wrenched a little, but she didn't heave this time. West squeezed her shoulder in silent support and disappeared off to his side.

"Nobody likes you, everybody hates you. The show is going to suck. Smile you nervous wreck." she muttered to herself, plastering a smile to her face. She walked to the opposite side of the stage, joining the rest of the female cast.

"If you screw this up for me, I swear to god I will skin you alive." Lexi hissed at Alice.

The agression in her voice actually helped Alice ease off the fear. "Oh Lexi, never change. You're a perfectly horrible person, just the way you are." she replied in a sweet tone.

"Whore." Lexi insulted.

"C***." Alice retorted.

"Places people!" Ms. Avery whispered back to them.

"This should be interesting...." Alice whispered as the strains of The Final Countdown ended.

She listened to the words of the Narrator, letting his smooth introduction pull her onto stage as he introduced her character. The lights hit her and she couldn't see the audience, instead only the stage existed to her. She drifted to the back of the stage, getting into her blocking as everyone else settled. The first little bit of the play she got to relax, mostly background. The hard work would come later. But far quicker than she felt comfortable handling.

West as Oberon and Lexi as Titania were dancing together on the stage, West's smooth voice charming and flirtatious as he tried to command her to give him what he wanted. Lexi wasn't doing her own speaking roles, instead Kim was, and her rich voice suited West's better than Lexi's own high pitched one. They fought and Lexi's first solo occured. Even though she'd designed most of the choreography, Alice couldn't focus on the dancer. She jsut stared blankly, waiting for her turn to arrive. It bothered her, that she was this nervous, normally she never suffered from performance anxiety. But it had been a very long year for her and she was running out of bounce back from all these crises that kept happening to her.

But then Lexi stormed off the stage and it was her turn to parade around with Oberon. Alice swallowed the last lingering nausea and headed over, feet weaving through the jazzy choreography. She just had to focus on the dance, not the strange nerves rampaging through her body.


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