A/N: I am rather sad that this is it for QoS. On Wattpad that is. See.... I'm planning on editing this (because as you all know, I haven't thus far and it NEEDS spell check!), adding back in some of the chapters I dropped (like the rest of the Mexico trip, and more details from Prom, the attacks, more flashbacks of Alice's past etc....), and MAYBE trying to tweak the steamy scenes to work back into the story, and then I'm trying to get the whole kit and kaboodle published. That's right, I am gonig to try and bring you folks Alice and Malcolm via dead tree format. Why? Because this has been so much fun to write, and I think that even though it is cliched in places, that the story and spirit of it are worth sharing. I'm just optimistic like that.

So I'd like to hear from you guys, what exactly would you like to see worked into a longer, more fleshed out novel format? Some flashbacks of Alice's dad, a more graphic glimpse into her life with the Walter's pre-running away? How about a big of Malcolm's own past getting a flashback? I'd like to know so don't be shy!


Alice couldn't help but feel the prickle of tears in her eyes as she saw the tender expression on Malcolm's face as he cradled the infant's tiny head. She was only a few weeks old at this point of time, but she was already beautiful and had the dark, thick hair of her father. The newest little Vega squirmed in Malcolm's big hands and let out a huge yawn as she settled down for her nap.

A gnarled hand patted Alice's shoulder and she followed the wrinkled skin up to see Abuela smiling down at her, her always warm and welcoming eyes filled with humour. "Movimiento inteligente, que a practicar con otra persona primer bebé." she joked, making Alice grin. (Smart move, having him practice with someone else's baby first). Ace looked down at her own swelling abdoment, tapping on it like a watermelon.

"¿Por qué no? Bonita y José definitivamente podría utilizar el tiempo libre para ponerse al día en dormir un poco. Y creo que Malcolm es todavía un poco aturdido por la idea de que en tres meses que va a ser la celebración de su propio hijo o hija." Alice admitted with a shrug. (Why not? Bonita and Jose could definitely use the time off to catch up on some sleep. And I think Malcolm is still a little stunned at the idea that in three months he's going to be holding his own son or daughter).

"Y que está más fresco rocío de la mañana." Abuela complimented with another pat to Alice's shoulder. (And you're cool as morning dew). That was true enough, Ace agreed ruefully. After all the emotions and turmoil that had led up to her last days as a highschool student, Alice was more than a little amazed that she was handeling her pregancy and impending motherhood so calmly. Part of it was the knowledge that her own parents had been even younger than she was now when they had gotten pregnant with her. And even though her mother had died during childbirth, Alice knew that she would have been an excellent mother. And her father had been young, but a perfect father, as much as he could given the circumstances. Part of her calmness was a growing feeling of serenity, and she knew that was just the pregnancy hormones trying to convince her that the pain she'd endure later is worth the effort. But even Ace had to admit that she just wasn't terrified of the prospect of becoming a mother. In a few days she was going to start classes to become a vet, and even though the baby was expected in December, she had already arranged with the school to have her continue her studies from home, taking her classes online since she would be taking care of a new born at the same time. Malcolm had offered to take a sabbatical from teaching to help out, but Alice had told him to keep it and just use paternity leave after six months, so he could take over while she started to go back to school.

A smirk hit Ace's lips as she realized that all their careful planning was probably useless as once this baby came, their lives would be filled with chaos. And she couldn't wait. "Por lo que está decidida a casarse antes de la llegada del bebé?" Abuela asked, taking a seat next to Alice. Malcolm was still cooing at his drooling little cousin. (So you're determined to get married before the baby arrives?)

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