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A/N: I'm probably going to get some hate mail for how I end this chapter. :D I fully deserve it too. Because after 2:30 tonight, I have no more internet until Monday rolls around. I cannot WAIT until I get my home internet back. Soon.....soon.....


I can't post my playlist because work computer has a firewall that makes the fires of hell look tame. SO, I will list the songs, artists etc.... and the scene it should be listened to so you get the scope. It's up to you, my lovely, freaky darlings, to go youtube the songs and listen. If you so choose. It's a lot of fun and adds to the story. So when I have a song for a scene, I will post it [looking something like this] so you can pick it out easier. Though as you guys have noticed, my grasp on spelling is sometimes rather weak so feel free to point out errors there so it's easier to find hte right song :D


Alice started to focus on the task at hand. Pushing aside all other concerns, she focused on the play. As Shakespeare via Hamlet so famously quoted, 'the play is the thing'. Lexi had just stormed off the stage, her solo as Titania over with. Alice allowed the smile to curl her lips as Lexi's song ended. She hadn't been able to resist the temptation, since she designed the choreography, to suggest the song [ I Love Myself by Bif Naked] for that particular solo. Of course, no one but Alice had known that 90% of Lexi's choreography was based off of pole dancing. Alice had simply modified it to not include a pole or the act of disrobing.

She should have paid attention while Lexi was strutting and parading around, because she was just enough of a perfectionist that she wanted to see how the blonde held up under the demands of the sensuous but still tasteful solo. Ah well, Alice sighed internally, stepping out into the spotlight as Oberon called her forward. From here on out, she was gonig to be too busy to slack off like that again. Because coming up very shortly was the epic fight scene, then her own solo.

West's rich and accented voice cooed at her, using charm and her character's supposed lust towards the King Faerie, to convince her to find the love-in-idleness flower and paint some on Titania's eyelids. This is where all the casual touching West normally did paid off, the two of them flirted and played realistically with no hint of awkwardness. As Oberon led Puck around the stage, the background Faeries quickly adjusted the props on stage, all carefully timed so that it looked like Oberon was leading Puck a goodly ways away. And then he pointed to the carefully illuminated love-in-idleness flower. And the four guards she was supposed to get through. The strains of the song started and Oberon disappeared, West ahving to run pell mell around to throw on his second costume, so he could come out for the end sequence of the fight.

[hadoken's mecha love] started mechanical but soft and slow, the choreography Alice had developed started with her trying to sneak passed the guards. As the music picked up, they literally grabbed Alice by the arms and lifted her up, carrying her back to the edge of the stage, dropping her off and mocking the 'little girl', telling her that she'd have to get passed all of them before she could get that flower. So Alice's Puck 'shoved her sleeves up' and prepared to do some hard work to earn that plant. She tried to make a run for it and the guys started to fight her for real. She mostly dodged the attacks at this stage, dropping to the floor and doing one acrobatic backflip to gain some safe distance but as the song did it's first slowdown, she was carried back to the edge of the stage. One gurad had her upper body, one had her legs. As the music picked up again, she kicked out with her feet, sending the one guard sprawling away and launching the one holding her upperbody flying backwards. The guys let go and rolled carefully, making it look violent and painful but this was a well practice maneuver by now. Alice's Puck dropped to the floor and rolled, dodging a stomping kick from guard number three and she swept a leg out, sending the fourth guard toppling. She sprang up and made a mad dash towards the flower, having to dodge passed the fallen guards, but as she approached a more intricate looking guard stepped out and just a short or throw push, sending her rolling and toppling, almost falling right off the stage. The music slowed agiant, and Alice climbed back up, carefully undoing and stripping hte dress her character had worn thus far and revealing her body suit. All the other Faeries wore the colours of their element, all the females were in various shades of purple, blue and green for Air and Water, all the males in brown, orange and crimson for fire and earth. But as Puck, Alice's costume was more unique. She'd been wearing a white button up dress with what looked like white leggings underneath. As she stripped the dress off, not sexily, but violent and angry, her costume was revealed to be a white body suit. With a copy of her own tattoos painted on it in all the shades the other faries wore. Her own tattoos were accented with strokes of colourful paint, and a fake tattoo added down her right arm to balance hers out.

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