The Chariot

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On her way to the pet shop, a car drove by and spashed one of the slush puddles all over Alice. It was at this point in time when she realized that just maybe today wasn't her day. Between the pain of her injuries, the visit from the police, her break down in the principal's office and Lexi's continued attacks, Alice realized with wry humour, that today kind of sucked. A lot. So she was expecting the monumentally crappy day to continue on into her evening, which was a good thing because when she walked into Salali's shop, she was unfortunatly witness to a very beautiful red head wrapped around Malcolm with her tongue down his throat.

They didn't hear the dull ding of the door announcing her enterance, and instead Alice was forced to clear her throat loudly to announce her presence. "I'm guessing this is Shawna?" she asked no one in particular. Malcolm looked a little embarassed and couldn't make eye contact, but Shawna beamed at Alice.

"I would be!" she walked forward with a happy smile on her face, one hand extended out towards Alice. "I guess he talks about me a lot then huh?" she gushed. "You would be?" she asked politely while Alice smiled and shook her hand.

"Just another volunteer. It's a pleasure to meet you though. I'll leave you two some alone time. Mal." Alice deflected the redhead and inclined her head to Mr. Vega. She kept the smile on her face and no one could tell she wasn't actually happy, but she was swearing herself blue inside. This is why having a crush is a stupid, stupid idea. Of course he'd try and work things out with his girlfriend, they lived together! Even if he hadn't, there was no way it'd ever happen. He was her teacher! Alice shook the thoguhts away and tried to walk into the back area like she was happy to be there.

"So Mal was telling me that the police came by the school?" Salali made it a question after a few minutes of silently directing Alice to fill the food bowls..

"Yeah, she wanted a statement." Alice dodged the issue, really not in the mood to get into it again. "I found out today that over March Break I will be going to Cozumel Mexico with the senior class." Alice beamed at Salali, focusing on the only good thing to happen today. It was a trick her father had taught her as a little girl, no one likes being unhappy, so when you're down, find one happy thing to think of and bear it like a sheild. Didn't always work but it kept her from starting to scream and just never stopping.

"Do you have a passport?" Salali asked. Alice nodded, which surprised the large Native woman.

"My dad took me on a buisness trip once, we went all the way to Ireland when I was five. I've always updated it on my own, even making sure to change to an adult one so...." she shrugged. One of the unspoken reasons behind her vigilance with the passport was the chance that she would grab it and run, leave the country entirely. Yeah right, that only happens in movies, in real life there's things like money and starvation; Alice thought ruefully.

"Do you need to go shopping for this trip?" Salali asked. Alice frowned, running a mental checklist of her belongings. There never was much, and a lot of what she owned was tragically worn out. Stuart was never gentle on clothing and a lot of her closet suffered tears and stretched out fabric.

Alice nodded, brushing aside those terrible memories. "Yeah, I do. Not too worried though, I've got some cash squirreled away." she admitted. Salali had seen her retrieve the wad from the foster house, so there was no point in trying to lie about it now. "I'll make a list of what I think I'll need and run it by Kim tomorrow at school. Then I guess you and I will just have to go shopping." Alice grinned at the equally happy looking Native woman.

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