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"I knew it, chicks dig a hero." West smirked as Alice hugged him.

"And then he opens his mouth...." Alice sighed, making Justine and Kim laugh. Both girls seemed to be a little flabbergasted in West's presence. Alice could understand, Westley wasn't hard on the eyes. He was Cubano with the most amazing golden yellow eyes. Add in his roguishly long, dark hair and bad ass attitude, Ace had to admit that West was dangerously drool worthy. And her own age. But as she talked to her friends and danced with West and hte boys, Alice realized that she just wasn't interested in her newest friend that way. And as much as he hinted and flirted, Alice knew he wasn't serious either. There was just no spark between them; instead it was a natural comradery.

The bell rang and Alice almost made it out when Lexi stepped into her line of view. The hostile blonde was looking at her injuries with a scowl on her face, but she stayed quiet. "What, nothing cute to say?" Alice asked, eyebrow arched.

Lexi just looked at her, lip curled in disgust. But she didn't say anything, instead spinning to walk away, her hair flinging out in all directions with the twirl. Alice frowned and looked at her friends as if they understood what had just happened. She gave a shrug and finally made it out of class. Ace now hada goal in mind and the motivation to achieve it.

"Hey, you ready to get out of here?" she asked, sticking her head into his classroom. But Malcolm wasn't waiting for her there. Alice frowned and walked to the window knowing she'd spot his Jeep in the parking lot. Her heart drooped as she saw him walking out to his car, not bothering to wait for her. He seemed pissed about something, radiating angry unhappiness as he got in and drove off.

"Son of a b****." Alice swore softly. Why had he left without her? Had something happened? He was the kind of guy to run off and play hero. She frowned but accepted the inevitable, having to walk home. She plugged the head phones in and listened to her music while she trudged through the snow. Like all Canadians, Alice had learned to watch her feet in the slush and ice, not wanting to take a tumble unless absolutely necessary. So it was with a little surprise that she looked up to find that her wayward feet had walked them outside of Malcolm's apartment building. "Wow, that's not pathetic." she muttered to herself. Alice turned around, facing away and trying to tell herself to walk home. "This is stupid Alice, he's not there." she tried to convince herself to walk away. Malcolm not waiting for her had bothered her. But they hadn't actually established that they were dating. She didn't know where she stood and how far she could push. Suddenly her confidence vanished, her shoulders slumping down. Ace was about to walk off when Malcolm tapped her on the shoulder.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, concerned. "Did you walk here?" he demanded, guiding them inside. Alice followed without even thinking about it. Now that she was here with him, Alice was lost on what to do next.

"You didn't wait for me." she blurted out, then did a literal face palm. That had been the exact thing she didn't want to say out loud. Way not to sound needy there Ace, Alice mocked herself internally.

Malcolm gave her a startled look as they got into the elevator. "I'm sorry Ace. When I looked in on you, it seemed like you were getting a ride from your friend West." they were walking towards his apartment door now, not looking at each other. It finally occured to Alice why Malcolm had left without her.

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