That first night in Mexico was a night to remember. Too bad half the student body got so falling down drunk on the all inclusive bar that they wouldn't remember it to save their lives. Alice and her friends were lucky to be the first shuttle over, they managed to get a ride in a cart to their huts. After the rest started to show up though, the five carts were always full of bags and bodies frantically trying to get everything settled. The three chaperones had given them all a major speech before letting the hoard loose though. Yes they were legal here to drink, parents having signed permission or the 18 year olds signing their own forms with a smirk, but they would not tolerate inappropriate behaviour. Any student that is caught fraternizing, inappropriately intoxicated or using illegal substances would be immediately sent home. Then they were each given a map of the complex and told to go explore their rooms.

Alice swallowed her grin when Kim told Mr. Vega to follow them, his hut was attached to theirs. The sparkle in Malcolm's eyes let Alice know that he was very much aware that her room connected to his and it wasn't just a happy coincidence. "I'm just going to go put my stuff away guys, I'll meet up with you back at the lounge?" Ace asked her friends, all of whom were gathering at Justine and Theresa's hut. Butch and West were hutmates and Sammy and Kim were hutmates, but Alice had no clue whom she was sharing a suite with or how to take advantage of that door to Malcolm's room once she moved her bags in. As a chaperone Malcolm had the massive hut to himself.

As soon as the coast was clear of her friends, she tore the door connecting her suite to his open, but another door stood just on the other side. So both rooms had to open up to connect through. She knocked at the door hesitantly, not sure if he knew she was waiting for him. The door opened and he grabbed her wrist and pulled her through into his room. Details she'd never noticed in her own hut were more obvious in his. There was a towel on the bedspread shaped like a ghost with stickers as eyes. And flower petals laid out across the pillows. And there was only Malcolm's lips as he pushed her against the wall and kissed her like they'd been apart for weeks and not seperated by people for a few hours. He broke from their kiss only to reach through and close the door on her side, then was back to holding her against the wall and scrambling her brains with his lips. They broke apart when they heart the door to Alice's hut close and realized her hutmate must have come in. Malcolm closed the seperating door on his side as well, in case whomever was housing with Alice for the week was a curious person.

"I should go meet up with my friends." Alice whispered into Malcolm's ear, reminding him that htey agreed to try and not be too obvious these next few days.

"Yeah." he agreed but kissed her again.  His fingertips were ticklish through the lace of her tank top and she tried not to squirm at his innocent grasp. They both gasped and paused when they heard the lacy fabric of her tank top rip as it caught on a corner of stucco, the walls were rouch with it. "Well I guess that shirt's just going to have to come off now." Malcolm said with a smirk and tore the tank top the rest of the way with a satisfying sounds of brutalized fabric. Alice flushed a little red, not at all bothered by the loss of her tank top as she pulled at the loose shirt Mal was wearing to get it out of the way. Things were progressing on their way to a very hot and heavy make out session when there was a knock at Malcolm's door. Alice swallowed her startled squeak and grabbed her scattered clothes, hiding behind the bed. Malcolm pulled on his shirt and pants, barefeet slapping against the tile floors.

"Hello Kim, what can I do to help you?" He asked calmly. Alice, lying nearly naked on the floor, hidden by the bed had to fight hte irrational urge to giggle.

"Hi Mr. V, I'm sorry to bug you but have you seen Alice? She said she'd meet us but that was almost an hour ago..." she trailed off and Alice felt guilty. She'd been making out and... other things with Malcolm and forgotten all about her friends. So now they were worried about her.

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