Alice woke up in hte early morning hours when Malcolm tried to slip out of bed. "Go back to sleep Ace. I just realized that if Salali comes home to find us naked in bed together, she might get suspicious." he explained.

They stopped at his apartment so he could grab a change of clothes before heading the school. Alice ended up getting dropped off a block before htey arrived so no one saw them pull in together. Despite Malcolm's worries that morning over getting caught, Salali never came home to catch them together. As Alice walked up hte front steps, West swooped inbeside her, throwing an arm over her shoulders.

"Good night?" he asked casually and laughed as Alice's face flamed red. "I'll take that as a very good night." he teased as Alice walked to her locked. The door had been repainted, but no new attacks had been scrawled across the front. Then again, Alice suspected that her blossoming friendship with West had more to do with it than the student body getting bored with it. West hadn't actually done much to the three boys that had attacked her, but what little he had done landed them in the hospital.

"You need to shut hte h*** up." Alice muttered to him. "Besides, my friends all think I'm dating DJ Mask." she remembered.

West smirked at her. "Unless Reaper's been moonlighting, you lied to them." he tsked jokingly.

Alice turned to face him with a grin of her own. "Actually it's not a total lie. DJ Mask is a part of my relationship, but it's 'Reaper' who is dating the DJ." she informed him, trying to keep the nicnames straight. West already knew her secret about Malcolm, letting him in on her DJ id was a no brainer after that.

"S***, can I get an autograph?" he asked, making her laugh as he scrambled for a pen like a fanboy. The bell rang and he gave her a quick hug before disappearing.

Alice walked into English class and tried not to stare at Mr. Vega like he'd rocked her world last night. But now she was wondering just what he meant by his ami amor comment. Was he falling in love with her, or was it just that they were lovers? And more importantly did she love him? It was a confusing swirl of emotional weight and she shrugged it aside as best she could to focus on classwork. They were grouped together to help go over the exam preparation sheets. But when Alice sat down with her designated group, the first question asked had nothing to do with Hamlet.

"Are you really sleeping with DJ Mask?" one of hte girls asked in a low voiced whisper.

"Ah..." Alice was caught off guard.

"That is so cool. He's totally hot, even though you never see his face, you can totally tell." One of hte other girls gushed, taking Alice's stutter as confirmation.

"Do you think you could convince him to do our prom so it's not lame like last year's was?" one of the guys asked.

"I don't even know when prom is." Alice retorted, feeling lost.

"June eighteenth. We get to party after our exams and the Gala are finished." another guy explained.

"That doesn't sound like exam preparation to me." Mr. Vega's voice made them look guilty as they were caught.

"Sorry Mr. Vega." One of the girls apologized, smiling and batting her eyelashes at him. Alice's jaw clenched over her jealous reaction but eased as she noticed that he was oblivious to the other student's attempt at flirtation. He eventually wandered to the next group, where they were agitatedly waving hteir arms in need of his assitance.

"Oh my god he is so dreamy!" one of the girls whisper squealed. They guys all groaned and Alice tried not to roll her eyes, wondering why she felt so much older than her contemporaries. She caught Malcolm's eye as the bell rang and the smile on her face held the weight of their secret. She stepped into the hall, one of the group she'd sat with asking her to ask DJ Mask if he'd be willing to do their prom.

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