The morning continued on a happy note for Alice, her alone time with Malcolm giving that class a relaxed air that followed her to science block. It wasn't that the other students weren't still whispering things about her, or dropping harassing notes onto her desk, they definitly were. It was just as if Alice didn't take note of it today. It rolled off her like rain off a duck. She was still in a happy place when lunch time came around and she headed out to eat with a little bounce in her step.

Alice grabbed a light lunch, not really hungry, and found her friends at their long table. A smile tugged at her mouth as she spotted a space left for her, that kept a wall at her back so there would be no sneaking up on her today. As she walked over to them, suddenly one male student stepped close in front of her.

"So is it true?" he demanded, standing a little too close.

"Is what true?" Alice asked, confused but assuming he meant her being a stripper.

"That you're a crack whore. That you're willing to do anything a guy wants if he can hook you up with a hit? Or even just for some weed." he asked. Alice stared at him in shock, completely caught off guard.

"Not even close." she finally managed to say. "Someone's been lying to you." she added in, realizing who must have been behind this new vicious rumour. Lexi.

"It's all over school. You don't have to lie." the guy smiled and grabbed her arm lightly. "I mean, I know a guy who can get you a gram easy." he offered, trying to pull her closer. Ace jerked her arm out of his grip, not smiling anymore.

"I'm not now, nor have I ever been, a whore. Not for money, certainly not for drugs. Now you can tell everyone that it's a lie and someone's spreading rumours. Have a nice day." Alice walked past him, less happy than she'd been but refusing to let it get to her.

Her friends were great about it, they had already heard the rumour and turned it into this joke. Saying that Alice's rates were too high, Butch would sell himself for a pack of skittles. Which somehow resulted in him getting nicnamed Skittle Slut. There was still an uneasy tension in the back of Alice's mind, but she did her best to ignore it while she was with her friends. And then it was time to dance.

Dance class was both her best and worst class of the day. Best because honestly, there wasn't a single things better for her than dancing. Worse because Lexi was in the class and just couldn't resist tormenting Alice.

"Ms... I think we should do mandatory drug testing." Lexi stated, looking innocent but shooting vemon glares at Ace whenever the teacher couldn't see. "One of your students is a crack whore and I don't think we should have that kind of element in our Gala."

The teacher looked a little confused, which was fair as this comment came out of no where. "If you're that worried about your habit, they have rehab." Alice retorted, knowing where Lexi was trying to go with this. It was a little disturbing, how far the queen of mean was willing to go to get rid of Ace, but was still not that bright. They could do a drug test, Alice had never once done anything illegal drugwise. Heck, she didn't even like to take advils when she had a headache.

"You'd know all about rehab wouldn't you skank?" Lexi asked.

"You have a pet name for me? How sweet!" Alice exclaimed, making her voice a high pitched mimicry of Lexi's usual tones.

"Ladies! I don't know what's going on here, and I don't care. This is dance class and I expect you to shut up and dance. I don't want to hear a word out of anyone all class. Do you understand me?" she demanded. All the girls nodded yes, not willing to even reply with words. No one wanted to be dropped from the class and stuck in standard phys. ed.

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