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When Alice took the step to kiss him first, it seemed to convince him that she was more than willing and his reservations flew out the window. Malcolm was almost growling with urgency, his kiss stealing her breath away. He attacked a scortched lin down her neck, a toe curling combination of nips and kisses.

They paused, almost gasping to catch lost breath and Alice was a little stunned to notice that they were laying on her bed, Malcolm stripped down to his boxer-briefs. "We should stop." "We need to slow down." They both said at the same time. Mal chuckled and moved off of her, laying along side of her. He passed her his discarded dress shirt and she pulled it on for a little bit of cover. Alice found it hard not to notice how very ready his body was despite his protestations. His lips lingered on hers for a moment, a second away from igniting into passion again when he groaned and rolled onto his back, arm flung over his eyes.

"You need to go put on more clothes than that or we will never stop this." he announced. Alice felt a smirk spread across her face as she realized how true that statement was. But instead of getting up, she unbuttoned the shirt he'd covered her with and pulled it on backwards, laying down on her stomach so her back was bared down to her shorts.

"Not yet. Since we're already like this, there's something I need you to do." her tone was serious and he frowned down at her after dropping his arm away. "Run your fingers along the tattoos on my back." she instructed. "Tell me what you feel." She had her head turned away and couldn't see his facial expressions. She expected to feel a little humiliated, but instead had to fight not to squirm as he ran his fingers over her tattoos, quickly picking up on the skin texture underneath.

"Burn scars." Malcolm said softly. "You told me about them." he sounded more angry than Alice expected, and she propped herself up on her elbows to turn and face him. Their eyes locked and she could see the potential for violence hint in his eyes. Not towards her, no, towards those that allowed her to be hurt. It should have scared her, but she was forced to remind herself that now was not the time to maul him.

"I thought they would repulse you." Alice confessed. "Most guys don't find rubber skin sexy feeling." she tried to make it a joke.

Instead of replying with words, Malcolm leaned over her and trailed kisses down her pitted skin, teeth and tongue occassionally shocking and teasing. A startled moan slipped out when Malcolm locked his jaw around some of the skin on her lower back, but then he let go and put space between them by standing up. Alice buried her head into the pillow, needing to stop looking at him to regain any hope of control. She heard him zip up his jeans and felt something get tossed over her. She slipped the shirt around and buttoned it up, also pulling on the sweat pants Malcolm had chucked in her direction.

"I'm covered." she announced and he finally turned around. She tried not to grin, seeing on of her t-shirts stretched over his broader shoulders. It was a simple white shirt and the tightness of it did nothing to detract from the body underneath, but Alice focused on just sitting still. She wrapped her comforter around herself, wanting the extra layer to keep her rooted to the spot.

"Obviously this is something we need to talk about." Malcolm stated with a nervous laugh. Alice felt a smile start to stretch across her face and ended up laughing with him. He settled onto the bed, sitting next to her. Their shoulders were touching but with the blanket between them, it wasn't intimate. "There's definitly an attraction between us." he stated, putting it out in the open.

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